Someone Just Bought Kurt Cobain's Cardigan

Can you imagine dropping over a hundred grand on a well-worn cardigan, featuring a rather large stain (of unknown origin) on the pocket, a cigarette burn on the sleeve, and a missing button? OK, how about if said worse-for-the-wear sweater that once belonged to Kurt Cobain? According to Fashionista, said cardigan was one of many famous pieces of rock memorabilia sold yesterday through Julien's Auctions this weekend — it went like a proverbial hotcake for a cool $137,500, along with John Lennon's 1962 Gibson Guitar (which sold for a prodigious $2.4 million), the Beatles iconic Ludwig drumhead ($2.1 million), Elvis' gold plated piano ($600k) and much, much, more.

The sweater itself is famous in part because Cobain wore it when he appeared on a 1994 episode of MTV Unplugged — you can even catch him singing "About a Girl" and "All Apologies" in it. Auctioneers estimated the cardigan to go for between $40,000 and $60,000, but its actual price far exceeded expectations at more than double the listed estimates. Never underestimate the powers of peak grunge Kurt Cobain, eh?

An unassuming blend of greenish taupe mohair, nylon, and Lycra, the rock icon-worn sweater is actually pretty on-trend, thanks to the pervasive '90s redux that's been going on for the past few seasons — though with its six-figure price tag, this is sure to be a wardrobe addition of the "look, don't touch" variety. See the sweater for yourself below:

Stain or no, I'm sure some Nirvana mega-fan out there is very happy about their cozy new purchase — after all, this cardigan has been privy to some pretty epic music making over the years. Heck, you can see the sweater in action yourself, in this clip from MTV Unplugged (this was presumably back when it had all its buttons, and was sans stains and cigarette burns):

Now, on the other hand, if you're Cobain fan without hundreds of thousands of dollars to spare? Read on for some fun shopping options.

Tank Top with Printed Design

Tank Top with Printed Design, $9.99,

And it's not even stained.

IRO Linen T-Shirt

IRO Linen T-Shirt, $65,

Simple and chic.

Kurt Cobain Tee

Trunk LTD Kurt Cobain Tee, $29.99,

Looks so cozy.

Images: Courtesy Brands