What 5 Common Dreams Reveal About Your Personality

The science of dreams reveals both that they are transparent indicators of who we are and meaningless brain chatter. While your local bookstore is bound to have shelves and shelves of books dedicated to decoding your dreams and making sense of your life as according to your dreams, it's mostly just speculative literature. The truth is, there's still a lot more that we don't know about dreams that we do know. But while there are not many published scientifically proved studies, there are countless seemingly logical philosophies that I'm more than comfortable believing in. According to sleep specialist and researcher Dr. Angel Morgan, PhD, "We dream about what concerns us most," meaning that our dreams are mostly reflections of our waking lives.

While I might think I care mostly about work and my career, I dream about one ex or another almost every night. So according to Dr. Morgan, that's my dream telling me what I actually care about. And while there are no specific studies that prove that what you dream about is indicative of your personality and your true self, it's fairly obvious that the two are related. When you're relaxed is when you're most likely to tap into your subconscious – that dark little closet where all your secrets, intentions, thoughts and wishes are stored.

So, under the assumption that Dr. Morgan is really on to something and that our dreams are windows into our personalities, here are some examples of dream themes and what they might reveal about you.

Missed Deadline

Thirty-eight percent of people who dream about missing deadlines have received post-graduate degrees. This is not to say that only smarty-pants dream about work-related stresses — it's just to reflect that people who have spent more time in school dream about it more.

A Place You've Never Been

Creative people tend to dream of places beyond their own home. They often build houses they've never been in with details and that seem too real to be conjured. Their imaginations become quite playful during the night's deepest sleep cycles.


When you're in a deep sleep and dream that you're falling, it's often interpreted as a sign that you feel out of control in a certain part of your life or that a failure or crash is imminent. It could mean that there is something that you need to address and regain control of, your subconscious is trying to tell you that you're not on top of something.


If you're flying in your dreams, it can be a reflection of a perceived freedom in your waking life. You feel in control of your life, unencumbered and ready to take on new opportunities. If you dream that you're flying often, you're quite ambitious and might have the mental space to be progressive and try new things.

Technological Failure

Do you find yourself dreaming about a text message that won't send? A phone that won't ring? You might be having trouble communicating or feel isolated in our waking life, if so. You might need to put some work into improving your communication with the people around you, in order to feel more comfortable and less anxious about being heard.

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