What Are Lykoi Cats? Here's Everything You Need To Know About This New Cat Breed That Looks Like A Werewolf

In case you don't follow the goings-on in the cat world as closely as I do (which... guys, you're really missing out), there is a new breed of feline taking social media by storm: Lykois. Or, as they are often referred to, Werewolf Cats. Intrigued? Here's everything you need to know about Lykoi cats.

I told you you were missing out on cool cat stuff.

According to LykoiKitten.com, Lykois were first discovered in two places: Tennessee and Virginia (where of course they cultivated werewolf-looking cat,s because, like, where else). These guys are pretty spooky-scary in the most adorable way possible: They kind of have fur, but also kind of... don't. Due to incomplete hair follicles, Lykois molt their coarse, grayish coats and are, at times, almost completely hairless. They also have the personality and hunting tendencies of dogs.

Like any internet sensation, there are, of course, haters. These cats are currently designated as an "experimental breed" by TICA, The International Cat Association. Their development is being overseen by Dr. Johnny Gobble, a veterinarian, who has had these little wolf babies tested for a number of skin diseases. They're not sick or inbred; they're just unique-looking.

But onto some of the bigger questions I'm sure you might have:

What Are They?

LykoiCat on YouTube

Lykois, so named for their resemblance to wolves ("lykos" is the ancient Greek word for "wolf"), get their unique appearance due to a naturally-occurring genetic mutation within the domestic shorthair family. The mutation began appearing about 20 years ago, and though the breed has yet to be recognized by the Cat Fanciers' Association (a real and very serious thing), it's becoming increasingly popular due to it's extremely weird 'n' cute looks.

So They Are Cats?

LykoiCat on YouTube

Yep, no weird genetic splicing here. However, according to breeders, Lykois have a personality not unlike a little hunting dog. They're friendly and fiercely loyal, with a strong prey drive and sense of smell. So they're like cats who actually show their affection every once in a while — which almost makes them not really cats, you know?

Where Can I Get a Werewolf Cat Of My Own?

LykoiCat on YouTube

Um, do you have $2,500? Because that's the going rate for a li'l Lykoi kitten these days. They're rare! And odd-looking! Of course they cost a fortune! Now, I personally am a rescue advocate and feel like there are so many hundreds of thousands of shelter cats that need love and care more than you need a werewolf cat. Because this is still a breed in the making, the wait for a kitten can be pretty substantial as breeders across the country try to avoid over-breeding.

Image: North Charleston/Flickr