How To Style Naturally Curly Bangs

Right off the bat, I’ll say that if you have curly hair, you can get bangs. I’m not sure where this rule started that said naturally curly-haired people can’t get bangs, but it’s a total lie. To be honest, all rules that state what we can or can’t do with our hair are really just personal preferences taken too far and made into facts. As a woman with bangs and naturally curly hair, I can attest that I still look amazing even after breaking a hair no-no. And, after years of transitioning to this look, I have even learned some ways to style bangs with naturally curly hair (in their natural state), because straightening and blowdrying are not the only options on the table.

I have been breaking hair rules since I was 11, using my 'do as a way to express myself. I have dyed it all the colors of the rainbow and have cut it to all sorts of lengths. My need for constant change has yet to suffice, and with the weather getting cooler (meaning less frizz), I’ve gone back to my favorite style to date: long hair with bangs. However, knowing that constant heat can damage hair and natural curls, I have explored simpler and healthier ways to style my fringe in its curly state.

I've listed four different ways you can wear your bangs curly, because who says you can’t get creative?

1. Vintage Style Bangs

If you’re into modernizing classic looks, a retro hairstyle with bangs is definitely a great alternative to simply blowdrying or straightening bangs. This look requires your fringe to be curly, so if you have bangs with curly hair, you’re already halfway there! It’s also a great idea for those who want to style their hair the night before.

Here's how you do it: After washing your hair, apply your normal hair products as you usually would and let your bangs air-dry until they are damp. Then pin-curl your bangs using bobby pins or double prong metal clips and leave them to set for a few hours or overnight until they’re dry. To pin-curl your hair, wrap a small section of hair around one or two fingers (one finger will create a smaller curl) starting with the hair going forward, then pull the hair out carefully and pin the curl on your head.

Remember that If you take them out before they're dry, they won’t hold the curl that well and may actually get frizzy. To get them to dry faster, you can sit outside in the sun or turn your blowdryer to cool air and hold it there for a few minutes. Once your pin-curls are dry, take them down and brush them into your desired vintage shape to look like a '40s starlet! I also add some accessories like a scarf to look like a Latina version of Lucy Ricardo.

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2. No-Heat Bumper Or “Bettie" Bangs

If you're into the vintage look, you can also create bumper bangs without heat. It's surprisingly very easy because it requires you rolling your hair, whether it's straight, curly, dirty, or clean (dirty hair is easier to style). There’s a variety of ways to achieve this look using a hair rat, hair donut that is cut, or just rolling your fringe around your fingers. As long as you pin your hair right, you’ll be all set!

First, brush your bangs forward, making sure you curl the ends inwards. Once you do this a few times, begin rolling the hair towards your forehead until you get the desired roundness. Then, carefully pin your hair to your head where you need to in order to keep your hair in place.

If this is too hard, you can use a hair rat (which you can buy off Amazon if you don't have one or are too grossed out to make your own) or a cut hair donut and roll your hair around that. Using this will also help you get a more polished bumper bang.

Make sure to pin your hair in the back, or else your bangs won’t sit well. Finalize the look with some hairspray!

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3. Baby Hair Bump Or Pompadour

If a bumper bang is too much for you, you can still pin your bangs up into a bump or pompadour very easily. This will keep your hair out of your face or hide your bangs so you don’t have to wash your hair as much.

Simply brush your bangs to the front to separate from the rest of your hair. Then pull them back and tease the underside to help create the bump easier. Once you tease it to your desired height, shape it where you would like it to sit and pin it in place. I love messy looks, so I keep mine crazy, but you can polish it by gently combing any flyaway into place and setting with hairpsray.

4. Pinning Bangs To The Side

There are some days when I don’t want hair on my face or my bangs are too long and droop into my eyes. This is when I leave my bangs to dry naturally, so I can pin them to the side. Depending on how long your bangs are, you can braid them to create a nice crown around your head. However, if they’re shorter like mine, you can twist them with some of your longer hair to achieve the same look.

This hairstyle is also a great look for when you’re in a rush or if you haven’t bothered to wash your hair and your bangs are greasy. We can only use dry-shampoo so much before our hair starts looking gross. This is a great way to hide our dirty hair a little longer.

5. Letting Them Do Their Thing

Confidence is really the best look anyone can wear, and if you simply want to leave your hair in its natural state — including your bangs — then do it! Natural hair is beautiful, and rocking it with some swagger is all you really need to make it flawless.

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Let your locks be free and beautiful!

Images: Vanesa Pacheco