Where's Waldo? All Over Instagram, Apparently

It seems Waldo is all grown up — and has become a bit more transparent as to his whereabouts these days. The (unofficially official) @wallyfound account on Instagram is your go-to spot for all of Waldo's grown-up adventures, and from the looks of it, he's having a lot of them. The anonymous creator of the site (he just goes by "Wally") told Mashable that he "wanted to create art and improve [his] skills," which is why Instagram seemed like the perfect place to start. "I consider it one of the few (if not only) social media that inspires you to meet new people in real life...while many other platforms do the opposite," he said.

We're guessing his project is going better than he probably imagined, with thousands of followers along for the ride, he takes his alter ego everywhere from the subway to the library to the great outdoors, in a series of beautiful (and sometimes funny) shots. His face is never fully in the image, but the iconic red-and-white sweater and hat always is. And in case you thought that all of this accumulation of fame was just for the ego — you'd be wrong. Wally wants the popularity of his project to give back and do good, so he launched a GoFundMe campaign to create a Wally Calendar of the best (or most loved) photos.

The money raised by purchases of the calendars will go to funding children's cancer research. He's hoping to have the calendars ready by the time the holidays come around, so now's a great time to donate. "These kids love Wally, and while me and you will spend Christmas with our families, many of them will spend their Christmas fighting for their lives, suffering," he said. "I want to make my part and bring a fairer world to them."

Images: Courtesy of Wallyfound/Instagram