What To Wear Black Friday Shopping So You Can Brave The Sales Comfortably — PHOTOS

After Thanksgiving, the next great holiday gathering is Black Friday. The sales are insane, but so is the environment: people everywhere, eyes glazed over with nothing but "discount" on their minds. It can be pretty brutal, so here's what to wear to Black Friday shopping so you're comfortable and ready to take on the people and sales.

You may be ready for 5 a.m. door buster deals, but your outfit better be ready, too. You never really know what's in store — you could be waiting outside in a long line for hours, stuffing yourself through a department store door with hundreds of other shoppers, or frantically trying to grab your coveted item before everyone else takes it.

You'll need to dress in comfortable layers with lots of storage options. Nothing is more annoying than being too hot in a crowded space, or having to cart around a giant purse and keep track of multiple items like sunglasses, a hat, or backpack. Not to mention, a backpack or bag can make you vulnerable to pickpockets.

Below, I rounded up some go-to wardrobe items you'll want to rock on Black Friday. They'll up your shopping game, keep you organized, and prevent you from losing anything valuable (like your mind, perhaps.)

1. Crossbody Bag

H&M Bag, $24.99, hm.com

Some suggest wearing a backpack, but I know from my traveling abroad days that backpacks are the easiest to pickpocket. Really, you never know who you're shopping alongside so keep an eye (and hands) on your belongings with a crossbody bag that zips. This one is deep, so you can keep extras like gloves, a scarf or hat, a water bottle or snacks.

2. Comfortable Shoes

Nike Roshe Run Premium Liberty iD Shoe, $135.00, nike.com

You never know when you'll have to break into a run to catch the last pair of coveted high heels or that blender you've been eyeing forever.

3. Utility Vest

J.Crew Excursion Quilted Down Vest, $120.com, jcrew.com

I like layering a vest ontop of a long sleeve shirt, especially one with lots of pockets so you can securely keep your phone or wallet handy. Heck, you could even ditch a bag entirely.

4. Comfy & Warm Leggings

Nike Pro Hyperwarm Tight Print, $50.00, nike.com

Sporty, comfortable leggings are a great way to stay comfortable while keeping your eye on the prize.

5. Watch

Garmin Forerunner, $150, rei.com

If you're a die hard Black Friday shopper, you know the importance of time and adhering to the plan. This way, you won't have to keep checking your phone for the time!

6. The Right Bra

Wonderbra Ultimate Strapless Bra, $54.00, nelly.com

When trying on items, you'll want to have the ideal bra so you can really visualize how an outfit will look and feel in real life. A nude, strapless bra is ideal.

Image: Courtesy of Brands