Trump Wants To Boycott Starbucks Because... Trump

Personally, if I were Donald Trump, I wouldn't show my face in the public eye for at least a week after that dreadful appearance on Saturday Night Live, but Trump's hubris is also incomprehensible to me, so here we are with another moment of embarrassment for the GOP's front-runner for president. On Tuesday, Trump called for a boycott of Starbucks because the chain of coffee shops has opted to use plain red cups for their drinks this holiday season, which Trump views as an attack on Christmas. Yes... clearly a malicious ploy from Starbucks to erase the holiday the company never explicitly promoted on any cups to begin with.

Intentionally hating on Christmas isn't part of Starbucks' repertoire. In fact, the red cup in itself is still an alignment with Christmas cheer, as red is plainly associated with the Christian holiday, and not other religious holidays that fall over the winter (like Hanukkah and Kwanzaa, and let's never forget: Festivus). Seriously: what color is Santa's suit? What color are Santa's cheeks, for that matter? What color is Rudolph's nose? What colors come on traditional candy canes? What are the colors of bows that go on wreaths? Red, red, and again, red.

The fact that Starbucks opted for an all red cup is not a blight on Christmas and anyone who celebrates it, but is merely a more minimalist take on Christmas cheer. It's not as if the cups of Starbucks past had mangers, angels, and frankincense on them. Imagery on Starbucks' holiday cups in the past did include ornaments and reindeer, but neither of these are of any religious value, nor are they the only symbols associated with Christmas, nor is their absence indicative of a snub to the holiday.


Also: it's a freaking cup. And a cup that is the vessel for drinks like the Pumpkin Spike Latte and Peppermint Mocha for which Starbucks fans flip their lids each year, no less. Yes, I've seen the way you all talk about your PSLs, so I have to think that Trump and the other red cup haters (a former pastor made a viral video about the cups claiming that Starbucks "hates Jesus") have their work cut out for them in their attempt to snatch a social phenomenon/hot beverage out of our hands merely because it doesn't have the word "CHRISTMAS" stamped on the front in bright gold.

And look, Christians already have the dominant winter holiday (have you been around all stores in the past week?), so a perceived blight over a RED CUP rings a little.... out of step with the overall vie of the holiday season.

And if you must boycott Starbucks, at least take the five bucks you save everyday and consider donating it to a local nonprofit that seeks to help people out at this time of year.