This Paul Walker Role Was Just Recast

The death of Paul Walker is a tragedy undoubtedly touching many people's personal lives. On the professional side of things, though, there were bound to be some repercussions, including multiple studios left to figure out what to do with the roles he left behind. And so it is that Walker's Agent 47 role has gone to Homeland 's Peter Friend.

The character is, according to Deadline's initial reporting of Walker's casting, that of a "genetically engineered elite assassin with the barcode tattooed on the back of his head," based off of 2007's Hitman, which is in turn an adaptation of a video game from Square Enix.

The film is being directed by Aleksander Bach, who has mainly done commercial work up to this point — this will be his feature film debut. It is being written by Michael Finch and Skip Woods (A Good Day To Die Hard). The Hitman part was originally played by Timothy Olyphant.

Friend's been on Homeland as Peter Quinn for the past two seasons, so we know he possesses both brooding and action skills. Before that, he was perhaps most well-known to American audiences as the Prince Albert to Emily Blunt's Queen Victoria in The Young Victoria.

Image: Getty