8 Couples Apps For Managing Your Relationship

Considering we live in a world where smartphones are on par with food and water, it's kind of surprising to me that there isn't one stand-out couple app for partners that everyone uses. You know, the Facebook of relationships. There are tons of dating apps, and even more hookup apps, but there doesn't seem to be that one special app for couples who want to integrate their love of each other with their love of their phones.

There are a lot of contenders, as you will see below. They offer a lot of adorable features, like curating memories, syncing calendars, planning dates, and messaging. Some even venture to let you "touch" in a romantic, virtual way. Why these apps haven't taken off in a Facebook way may be part laziness and part the fact that we use apps such as Evernote, Google Calendar, and Snapchat to do what we could do with one relationship app.

Still, I think these apps are great. They're sweet, they help you keep track of memories, and they create a place on your phone that blocks out the rest of the world and lets you focus on just your partner. If you're as much of a love fanatic as a smartphone fanatic, you need to download all of these apps today.

1. Couple Tracker

Couple tracker aims to build trust and limit cheating by giving you access to your partner's phone from your phone. You can see up to 160 characters of text messages, emails, and Facebook messages, among other things. Personally, this feels like a huge invasion of privacy that actually demonstrates that you don't trust your partner. Seems plain old communication might work just as well. But, everyone couple is different, right? So if total and complete transparency is an important part of your relationship, then go for it.

2. Avocado

Avocado is like Facebook for two. Well, if Facebook encouraged you to make out with your phone. That's right, aside from sending messages and sharing photos, calendars and to-do lists, you can also kiss your phone and have it sent to you partner.

3. Couple

Plan dates, video chat, send pictures, and share drawings with the Couple app. It's pretty much texting on steroids. It makes a nice little digital scrapbook of your coupledom. You can also draw and doodle together, which is adorable. But the cutest part is that when you're longing for a little connection, you can actually touch thumbprints.

4. Icebreak

If you're trying to get to know someone or you're just out of conversation topics, the Icebreak app might just save the day. It's kind of like a game where you answer questions and share your answers with each other. It sounds like introvert/phone call-hating paradise.

5. Fix A Fight

Fix A Fight is pretty neat. When you have a fight, you can use this app, created by a real therapist, to hash things out. You learn effective communication strategies and ways to prevent fights in the future. It also has relaxation techniques and soothing tips for when you get a little heated.

6. Between

Between is kind of like Coupe and Avocado. What sets it apart is the way to showcases your memories into sideshows and creates cards, much like Google, to remind you of dates and special events. You can use it to see the weather on date night or just to archive photos of your journey as a couple.

7. You And Me

Another app that lets you chat, share songs, edit and send photos and keep track of special moments, You And Me offers an interesting bonus feature: a Snapchat-like photo sharing platform that keeps your photos private until your partner opens them. You can also set them to disappear. Great for those steamy sexts.

8. Simply Us

Simply Us is the app for couples who want to share memories and send messages, but also do more practical things, like share grocery lists and sync calendars. It's a simple, streamlines tool that gets rd of the cutesy stuff and gives you something stylish but practical.

Now, when people tell you to put down your phone and focus on your relationship, you can tell them that you're doing both. Or you can tell them to mind their own business. Or you can take their advice. You know, whatever you're into.

Images: Pixabay; iTunes App Store (2)