Watch Americans Try Japanese Food Inventions

Japanese invention is always amazing, as is watching these Americans try unusual Japanese food inventions for the first time. I'm always up for weird food things. Basically, I'll try anything than involves eating, even if that is a strange contraption with eyes to juice my oranges. I mean, it makes life more interesting, right? The Americans in this BuzzFeed video, trying out different Japanese food inventions (ones that we don't commonly use in our day to day in the US, at least), prove that point, and most of their expressions as they experiment with the different products are absolutely priceless.

The culture shock is REAL, you guys. The inventions range from the aforementioned orange juicing straw contraption to a device which will fill your banana with chocolate (not a euphemism, is what it says it is), and a frozen beer slushie maker. All things you never knew you needed until you just read about them, right? I think I'm most excited about the chocolate banana filler thingy because everyone knows chocolate and bananas belong together. Trying to keep them apart is futile. BANANAS AND CHOCOLATE FOREVER AND EVER AND EVER. Here are some of the unusual inventions and American reactions to them:

1. Takara Tomy Gurefuru Chuchu

The thing that turns your orange straight into juice, cutting out the middle man.

2. Sonna Choco Banana

The best thing in the world which allows you to inject a boring old banana with chocolate.

3. Frozen Beer Slushie Maker

Does what it sounds like it does, bless us all.

Watch the full video below:

Images: YouTube (4)