Kendall Jenner Can Even Make A Hoodie Look Chic

This model can hold her own no matter the situation — VS Fashion Show, off-duty style, you name it. Kendall Jenner paired a hoodie with a leather jacket and looked completely chic, because who says a wearing a hoodie can’t be totally classy? I don’t know about lingerie, but she’s definitely teaching her fellow VS models a thing or two about off-the-runway garb. Nobody does it quite like she can. Can you earn a pair of wings for your street style? Because she certainly deserves them.

Her simple gray hoodie had extended sleeves for a little touch of that slouchy kind of feeling you’re going for by wearing a hooded jacket. The leather jacket she wore with it featured tons of zippers and silver hardware, giving off a tough-girl kind of vibe. Paired with black jeans, black boots and those aviators she’s known for loving, this outfit was just the right mixture of laid-back and put-together.

The rest of us may not be rocking a killer lingerie on the VS runway or anything, but we can absolutely rock a hoodie and a leather jacket, and when it comes to mimicking Jenner’s wardrobe — I’ll take what I can get. See her most recent ensemble along with hoodies and leather pieces you can shop to get her cooler than cool look.

The girl can dress for any occasion.

Here's all you need to cop her style.

1. A Hoodie

Heathered High-Slit Hoodie, $22.90, Forever 21

Heathered Drawstring Hoodie, $14.90, Forever 21+

A gray hooded sweatshirt with a drawstring will give you the same comfy thing Jenner has going on.

2. A Leather Jacket

Ultimate Biker Jacket, $80.62, ASOS Curve

Atomic Vegan Leather Jacket, $118, Nasty Gal

A motorcycle-style leather jacket will complete the ensemble.

3. Model Attitude

Now, just use the sidewalk as your runway.

There you have it — the perfect Jenner off-duty look.

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Images: Courtesy Brands (4); Giphy (1)