What Happened To Zero From 'Holes'? Khleo Thomas Is Still Involved In The Entertainment World

Way back in 2003, young adult novel adaptations were starting to really blow up in Hollywood, and Disney's Holes was born in the midst of it. Many are familiar with the film as one of Shia LaBeouf's earliest starring roles. The adventure movie was a little kooky and a lot of fun, but it also boasted a pretty impressive cast of Hollywood regulars and newcomers. (Patricia Arquette? Sigourney Weaver? Henry Winkler? What was this thing?!) For those who have forgotten the plot, Holes is the story of LaBeouf's character, Stanley Yelnats, a boy who has been sent to Camp Green Lake for stealing some sneakers and who is sentenced to dig a lot of... holes. There he meets Hector "Zero" Zeroni, who becomes his closest friend. We know what LaBeouf is up to, but what happened to Khleo Thomas, the actor who played Zero in Holes ?

The character was called Zero because he refused to speak to anyone and was generally a bit of a loner, partially due to his rough upbringing. As the story unfolds, the two boys' find out their families and lives are connected and they end up breaking up a curse that has haunted them for generations. The movie definitely turned into something I didn't expect and it spurred LaBeouf's rapping career with the D-Tent Boys, seeing as the movie featured the song "Dig It," which also included some skills from Zero. Well, it turns out that Thomas is still very involved in film, music, and a little fashion.

He Has Released Some Music

For the past four years, Thomas has been working on his R&B and hip-hop career, releasing some mildly successful tracks. In March of this year, he dropped a new single titled "Just Like That," but there no signs of an upcoming album just yet. That said, he's opened up for Snoop and Ice Cube in the past, so he's got some big fans in high places.

He Has His Own Clothing/Lifestyle Brand

On his Instagram, he includes in his bio "CEO of Slick Living, Inc.," which seems to be his lifestyle brand and the endeavor he's primarily devoting himself to right now. He sells a pretty sweet "Zero The Legend" shirt on his website that is a must for any Holes fan.

He Is A Vine Star

When I looked up Thomas' name on YouTube, I found that there were tons of Vine compilations, and it turns out that he's got over 73K followers and 132 million loops on Vine.

He Still Represents For Holes

This Halloween, fans shared photos of themselves and their #squads dressed up like the cast of Holes with Thomas and he loved every minute of it, and re-grammed a ton of them.

He Is Getting Back To His Acting Roots

Kevin Winter/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

For the past few years, he's had a few small roles in shows like Bones and Sons of Anarchy , but his IMDb page shows that he just finished shooting two film roles, so he'll be returning to the big screen very soon.

Hmm, now I wonder if LaBeouf and Thomas will reunite for an epic rap battle in the woods sometime soon?

Image: Buena Vista Pictures Distribution; Giphy