Anne Hathaway Nearly Drowned Wednesday

Yikes. Apparently while vacationing in Hawaii yesterday, Anne Hathaway almost became the victim of a strong rip tide when she was swimming in the ocean. According to the Daily Mail, Hathaway was caught in an extremely strong rip tide off the coast of Oahu in Hawaii yesterday, and began screaming for help until a surfer came to her rescue and pulled her out of the water.

The incident was photographed heavily by paparazzi, images which you can see over at the Daily Mail — it's kind of messed up to think that there were photographers present, taking pictures of her as she nearly drowned, but the same thing happened to Jonah Hill, rip tide and all, when he was in Australia during the promotion of 21 Jump Street, so I guess that this just goes to show how terrible members of the paparazzi are.

When Hathaway was pulled from the water by the surfer, she luckily only suffered a minor injury on her foot, which her husband, Adam Schulman, immediately tended to on the beach. She's reported to have been looking fairly relaxed after the incident, which is good considering it must have been pretty terrifying. Glad she's OK!

Image: Getty