16 Bizarre Holiday Lingerie Sets That Aren't Exactly Sexy — PHOTOS

Everyone loves indulging in a cozy pair of holiday pajamas, but chances are, you've laid eyes on some pretty interesting Christmas get-ups in the in the process. 'Tis the season for bizarre holiday lingerie, and there's way more out there than your favorite department store lets on. In the depths of the internet, there's apparently a huge market for sexy yuletide outfits.

Over-the-top naughty, festive undergarments are more hysterical than anything, whether you're gifting a set to your BFF or surprising your S/O with a raunchy-meets-hilarious bedroom entrance. Or, y'know, sending one to your long-lost father at his office, Elf-style...the perfect gift "for that special someone," right?

Of course, there is some tasteful holiday-themed lingerie out there, but that's just no fun, now is it? The gaudy, absurd end of the spectrum just brings way more laughter. And that's what the holidays are about, right? Family, friends, food… and giggling at silly underthings.

Here are 16 of the most ridiculous holiday lingerie sets out there. No judgment if you actually break out the credit card for one of these — I won't ask. Oh, and just a heads up, guys: This is fairly NSFW. You've been warned.

Jingle Bell Romper

Jingle Bell Romper And Fringe Leg Warmers, $89, Yandy

No use trying to sneak up on your partner wearing this many bells.

Sexy Reindeer

Plus Size Reindeer Costume, $99, Big Gals Lingerie

I'm oddly bothered by the unconvincing antlers on this costume.

Holiday Delight Teddy

Holiday Delight Teddy, $31, Lingerie Diva

There's a high likelihood I would strangle myself attempting to put this on.

Sexy Christmas Candy Costume

Sexy Christmas Candy Costume, $17, Yandy

Christmas lingerie, or half of a Hansel and Gretel Halloween costume?

Santa's Very Naughty Helper

Plus Size Santa's Very Naughty Helper, $14, Yandy

I don't want to know the job description of "Santa's Naughty Helper."

Light The Night Crotchless Lingerie

Light The Night Crotchless Lingerie, $33, 3 Wishes

The earrings really bring this look to the next level.

Red Lace Bodystocking

Plus Size Red Lace Body Stocking, $18, Yandy

The best part about this is that it's called a body stocking instead of a bodysuit.

Sexy Christmas Elf

Sexy Christmas Elf Lingerie, $31, Oh Cheri

Is it just me, or does her costume kinda look like she just got out of a vicious elf fight?

Sleigh Hottie Santa Costume

Plus Size Sleigh Hottie Santa Costume, $51, Yandy

Disturbingly, this dress design could double as a child's holiday photo outfit.

Present Skirt And Top Set

Present Skirt And Top Set, $79, Yandy

The skirt lights up?! Neat-o. Sold.

Reindeer Games Costume

Reindeer Games Christmas Costume, $26, Teddy Girl

How is this "one size fits most"?! Um, I beg to differ.

Snowman Fishnet Teddy

Sexy Snowman Fishnet Teddy, $56, Yandy

The scarf is to keep you warm, y'know?

Unwrap Me Bow Teddy

Unwrap Me Bow Teddy, $17, 3 Wishes

This would be incredibly confusing if you actually had to tie it yourself.

Giant Bow Thong

Ruffle Mesh Thong With Giant Bow, $20, Yandy

Just in case you don't want the whole teddy get-up. Business in the front, present in the back.

Sexy Snowman

Snowman Lingerie Costume, $21, Kalolia

The best part? This doubles as an outfit for your next rave.

Crochet Christmas Men's Thong

Crochet Christmas Men's Thong, $19, Etsy

Because guys deserve to get in on the holiday lingerie action, too. ...*shudders*

Images: New Line Cinema; Courtesy of brands