Marco Rubio's Closing Statement At GOP Debate Reimagines The American Dream For Young Voters

As we wrap up the fourth Republican debate, it's clear that some campaigns are losing steam. Candidates who looked attractive several months ago are now considered likely to drop out soon. But that's not the case for Marco Rubio, whose closing statement was a perfectly-timed reminder of why the young senator is rising in the race.

It was a good night for Rubio, who has started to earn a reputation for being successful in debates. In the past three, he has been considered the popular winner, or at least among the top-performing candidates. Tuesday was no exception. Once again, the Rubio on stage was calm, collected, and prepared for anything thrown his way.

And nothing epitomized his performance better than his closing statement. While the other candidates focused on how to fix or repair America, Rubio brought a youthful optimism to the table that was reflected in his rhetoric. In his previous debate closing, he had explained that America's greatness didn't have to be found again — it just needed to be expanded. These remarks felt like a continuation of this, as Rubio provided yet another tidy summation of how he differed from the other candidates.

Steve Pope/Getty Images News/Getty Images
The story of America is an extraordinary story. It's the story of a nation that for over two centuries, each generation has left the next better off than themselves. But now, because Washington is out of touch, through the doubt of both political parties, for the first time in our history, that is in doubt. An that is what this election must be about, because if the next four years are anything like the last eight years, our children will be the first Americans ever left worse off than our parents.
This election is about making a different choice, about applying our principals of limited government and free enterprise to the unique issues of our time. And if we do, we will not just save the American dream, we will expand it to reach more people and change more lives than ever before. And the twenty-first century can be the new American century. And tonight, I ask you for your vote. And I ask you to join us at my website,

In the last debate, America truly saw Rubio break from the pack. Instead of being drawn into a sparring match by Jeb Bush over his Senate attendance record, he disposed of the argument quickly and effectively. He avoided delving into the arguments that ensnared some of his fellow candidates. And despite being one of the youngest on the stage, he came off as one of the wisest.

So understandably, there was a lot of hype for Rubio to live up to on Tuesday night. And with his earnest entreaties to voters and focused responses, he succeeded.