The Best Republican Debate Memes From Wisconsin's Big Night Are Spot On

There are some live-tweeting events that you just can't miss — the Super Bowl, the MTV Video Music Awards, and the GOP debates. Obviously. Because of the great nation we live in, these events result in some fantastic Tweets and hysterical memes. And the best Republican debate memes are sometimes so adept at summarizing the night, that you don't even need to watch the debate at all.

It doesn't help that thus far, the debates have been ripe for the picking when it comes to cracking jokes. From Donald Trump's plan to build a wall, to Jeb Bush's offer to give Democrats a nice warm kiss, there's an endless amount of content to work with. It's like a pre-made joke, gift-wrapped and handed to the American people.

Pretty much no topic was off limits when it came to the fourth GOP debate on Tuesday. From the individual candidates and their appearance, to the questions asked, nothing was safe from becoming a meme. But the hands down best memes of the night came from people's reactions to some of the candidate's comments.

Luckily, the debate was nowhere near as awkward as some of the previous ones (I'm looking at you, CNN GOP debate!), but that doesn't mean that there wasn't plenty of material.

On Donald Trump

On Marco Rubio

On John Kasich

On Ted Cruz

On Jeb Bush

On Ben Carson

On Wisconsin

On The Moderators

On John Kasich's Use Of The Word "Thrice"

On Watching The Debate

On Philosopher Kings

Can you imagine how much more enjoyable these debates would be if the candidates were as funny as Twitter users?