The Funniest Tweets About The Fourth GOP Debate Are The Only Thing That Will Keep You Going

If there's one good thing that the many GOP debates have offered the American public, it's a chance to test out their best comedic material. The fourth Republican debate was held Tuesday night at the Milwaukee Center. Host network Fox Business' requirements drastically altered the debate landscape, with just eight candidates taking the stage for the prime-time event. Despite there being fewer candidates onstage — or perhaps because of it — there was more than enough fodder for the Internet to work with. The funniest tweets about the GOP debate pretty much make the event worth watching.

Even during the earlier JV debate, Twitter came out swinging. Epic match-ups between Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal and New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie almost threatened to derail what started out as a surprisingly coherent debate about employment and the economy. Former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee even flat-out refused to answer a question, instead touching upon what he believes is a failing Veterans Affairs system.

Both Christie and Huckabee had participated in the past three prime-time debates. Tuesday night marked the first time that the two were on stage for the earlier debate instead. It was the prime-time debate, however, which provided the most hilarious jokes and one-liners.

From Marco Rubio calling Vladimir Putin "a gangster" to the ever-present bell ringing desperate pleas for candidates to wrap up their answers, the debate provided a wealth of comical moments. Even moderator Gerard Baker was "played off" while in the middle of a question, thanks to some incidental music cued up at the wrong time. Candidates fought with each other far more than with moderators, at least. Though this should've been a debate firmly focused on the economy, foreign policy was touched upon just as much, if not more.

Likewise, Hillary Clinton's name was mentioned dozens of times. Were anyone at home drinking every time it happened, they would've never even made it halfway through.

The debate was a decidedly more subdued affair compared to the previous, CNBC-hosted debate. But that didn't stop Twitter from keeping a running commentary on the more ridiculous moments.