Ben Carson's Best Instagram Photos Reveal A Different Side Of The Softspoken Candidate

Retired neurosurgeon and Republican presidential candidate Ben Carson has an Instagram, and he uses it to highlight just how many women — and their babies — actually support him, while also throwing sass at media who have reported his recent gaffs. Carson's Instagram has 159,000 followers, but he doesn't follow anyone in return (what a snob). Carson is currently the Republican frontrunner, with just a few more percentage points of support than Donald Trump, according to ABC News. Ben Carson's best Instagram photos are actually kind of witty — albeit misguided — and a little strange.

Carson has been under fire recently for inconsistencies in his story about how he grew up, when he says he was involved in a number of violent encounters that included a stabbing, according to CNN. Carson, who has offended Black Lives Matter activists by using the phrase "All Lives Matter," doesn't really understand being politically correct. He makes that pretty clear in his Instagram, which pokes fun at media like the Huffington Post and CNN. His Instagram also uses many photos of his supporters holding Ben Carson bumper stickers and wearing his campaign T-shirts. Carson's 13 best Instagrams are either amusing, facepalm-worthy, or somewhere in between.

Carson On The Media

Carson Supporters

OK, well this supporter is adorable.

Controversial & Emotional Policy Views

And if Carson's campaign were actually the tour for an angsty teen punk band:

Hitting The Campaign Trail

I keep waiting for something to happen in this video.

There's An App For That... Carson Campaign

I don't know what's worse: the fact that Carson has his own app or this awkward Instagram video about it from Barry and Ed.

Images: realbencarson/Instagram (13)