11 Comfy Clothes To Wear During The Holidays

You're probably going to be doing a lot of lounging around with your family and consuming insane amounts of food in the next two months, and that means you're going to need comfy clothes to wear during the holiday season. These soft and stretchy pieces to rock during the holidays are the answer to all your ill fitting attire woes. From maxi dresses to ugg boots, there are tons of awesome comfy — and warm — articles of clothing that'll take you from Thanksgiving to New Year's.

I think people unfairly give comfy clothes a bad reputation. Just because I'm rocking an oversized sweatshirt, cat socks, and three-day hair doesn't mean I can't be cute as hell. Style and comfort is about how you feel on the inside, and to be honest, I feel great in my chunky knit sweater. The truth is that comfort is always in style, and who doesn't love being able to squeeze a little more turkey and pumpkin pie onto their plate because of a lack of a zipper? Whether you're in a turkey-induced coma, headed out for a party and want to be super relaxed, or you're just not feeling like venturing into the chilly November and December air in stiff pieces, these comfy clothing choices have you covered.


Fair Isle Patterned Leggings, $17.90, Forever21

Snowflakes on leggings? Perfect for holidays! Plus, this clothing item isn't just for lounge wear!

Ugly Christmas Sweaters

Star Wars Ugly Christmas Sweater, $14.95, Etsy

Ugly Christmas sweaters aren't just fun. They're ideal for parties and for chilling at home.

Oversized Cardigans

Adventure and Splendor Cardigan in Ash, $59.99, Modcloth

I've got a severe cardigan habit, so this is easily my favorite item on the list. Oversized or chunky cardigans are the ultimate in cozy holiday wear. They're warm, stylish, and super comfy.

Awesome Socks

Two Sox Merry Christmas Ya Filthy Animal Crew Socks, $6.00, Kohl's

Crazy socks are perfect. Rock them under boots without anyone ever knowing but you. It's a fun holiday moment just for yourself.

Graphic Tees

Graphic Waffle-Knit Plus-Size Tee, $29.00, Old Navy

Style a graphic tee with fun cardigan for a super casual but festive look, or rock it with pjs. There's always a way to bring a little cheer to your wardrobe.

Chunky Sweaters

Plus Size Chunky Knit Striped Sweater, $24.90, Forever21+

Who doesn't love a chunky sweater? They can have a somewhat chic vibe to them that just can't be replicated with that holiday sweatshirt.

Fluffy Robe

Snowball Fleece Short Robe, $59.50, Victoria's Secret

This comfy gem is definitely for at home use, but how adorable are those pom pom strings and ears? Keep warm, comfy, and cute.

Blanket Scarf

Plaid Blanket Scarf, $39.90, Express

Oh, how I love a blanket scarf! These cozy babies keep you warm, and there are so many ways to style it.

Sweater Dress

BDG Camp Sweater Dress, $59.00, Urban Outfitters

This super '90s sweater dress pulls double duty. Not only will it be super forgiving when you indulge in too much turkey, but it's perfect for so many occasions.

Maxi Dress

70s Flippy Maxi Dress With Stitch Shoulder, $99.00, ASOS Curve

When I saw this dress, my first thought was that it was perfect for a holiday party with a chic faux fur shawl. Plus, if you've ever rocked a maxi, you know the power of their comfort level.


Women's Classic Tall, $195, Uggs

People can hate on Uggs all they want, but find me a warmer, more comfortable boot. These babies have stuck around for so long for a reason, and I am proud to wear them — even if it's not outside my apartment.

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Images: John Mark Arnold/Unsplash; Courtesy of brands