Do Beautyblenders Really Work Better Than Brushes?

by Jessica Willingham

Although it's really not a new beauty trend, makeup sponges are experiencing a resurgence in popularity as of late. I'm sure we all remember our mothers using sponges to apply their makeup, right? However, recently, sponges have become the It makeup application trend when it comes to beauty tools. Still, you might be wondering, "Do Beautyblenders really work better than brushes?" Let's investigate!

Like most things, it all depends on your personal goals and what you're trying to accomplish with your makeup. Professionals have been using sponges to apply makeup for ages, citing a more flawless "airbrushed" effect to the skin. So why is the Beautyblender any different? Well, traditional makeup sponges use Latex, while the pink Beautyblender we've come to know and love is made of non-latex, antimicrobial foam. What's more, the Beautyblender is entirely reusable (learn how to wash it here!) and presses foundation onto and into the skin, versus swiping it onto your skin like a traditional synthetic brush would do.

Natural fiber brushes tend to absorb product, whereas synthetic brushes allow the product to sit on top of the fibers so you get a better transfer of foundation to your skin. Similarly, Beautyblenders work better than other makeup sponges in transferring the most product, so you're using less foundation, but getting more coverage. You end up saving money and product, while also keeping yourself from the dreaded cake face. Here are some other considerations to keep in mind when choosing a Beautyblender over a makeup brush.

1. Beautyblenders Can Be Used To Apply Different Products

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The Beautyblender is more of a multi-purpose tool and can be used for far more product applications than one kind of makeup brush. You can use it not only for foundation, but to apply concealers, highlighters, and other contouring sticks. Watch Kandee Johnson's video tutorial below to learn how to get the most out of your Beautyblender!

2. Beautyblenders Are Better At Blending Than Makeup Brushes

In a video, vlogger Dana Wang compared a Beautyblender with one of her favorite brushes and found that Beautyblenders "blend like a dream." She found that using the sponge left her face looking more natural and also gave her a smooth, flawless glow.

3. Beauty Blenders Are Better for Dry Skin

Brushes can irritate already dry and flaking skin. Gently pressing foundation into the skin using a BB is a gentler, kinder routine if you have dry or mature skin.

The Original Beautyblender, $20, Amazon

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