8 Tiny Beauty Hacks You Maybe Didn't Think of Yet

Sometimes it's all about the red lip and pin curls, but sometimes it's all about the gentle nudge in a just-slightly-different direction. Instead of wearing that plaid shirt, tie it around your waist. Instead of a cappuccino, try a cortado. Didn't somebody write something once about the road less traveled?

by Tori Telfer

Think ahead to a grow-it-out manicure

Leaving your half-moons slightly bare guarantees that your manicure will look cooler and cooler as it grows out.

Essie 2016 Trend Nail Polish, $8.50, Amazon

Image: @designlovefest/Instagram

Draw on a double cat-eye

Why would you ever do one cat-eye when you could do two? Oh yeah, “societal expectations.” Shuck them off and pick up the liquid liner.

Stila All Day Waterproof Liquid Eye Liner, $20.90, Amazon

Image: @patmcgrathreal/Instagram

Line your shelves with fur

It’s not very practical, and don’t let anything spill, but beauty products on fur immediately feel so much more luxurious. And it’s cheaper than it looks; you can snag a yard or so of faux fur fabric for nothing at your nearest fabric store.

Fuzzy Sherpa Throw Blanket, $25.99, Amazon

Image: @voguemagazine/Instagram

Try a brown '90s lip

It’s only a tiny shift in hue, but it’ll instantly transport you back a decade and a half. Not sure which shade to pick? Into the Gloss has a great roundup.

L’Oreal Colour Riche Lip Liner in More Chocolate, $5.97, Amazon

Image: @intothegloss/Instagram

Write on your mirror

Feeling sad/manic/uninspired/anxious/blah? There’s a beautiful quote out there that will smooth out your aching spirits — just write it on your bathroom mirror with lipstick, and change up as necessary.

Image: @officialjdunn/Instagram

Hide your bangs inside your hat

It’s easy to spend a lot of time getting your hat perched on your hair just right. Next time you go outside, forget all that, and let your hat be the only thing framing your face. It’s a dramatic, strong look for cold weather adventures.

Wool Fedora Hat, $16, Amazon

Image: @patmcgrathreal/Instagram

Or push all your hair forward and pout

Oh great, Miley Cyrus’ new Marc Jacobs ads have catapulted us back into a guilty “Wrecking Ball” obsession. This photograph serves as your permission slip to sloppily gel your hair and push it into your face, sulking all the while.

Garnier Fructis Pure Clean Styling Gel, $6.49, Amazon

Image: @mileycyrus/Instagram

Amp up your mani with a temporary pen tattoo

Okay, we know the tiny anchor and three dots on Zosia Mamet’s pinky finger are permanent. But if you’ve got a rocking manicure and a solid ton of golden rings on and you’re still not feeling wild enough, draw a subtle design in pen on one of your fingers for a I’ve-piled-it-all-on-and-I’m-just-getting-started vibe.

Image: @zosia_mamet/Instagram