Selena Picked The Perfect Victoria's Secret Songs

December is quickly approaching, which means the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show is headed our way. One of this year's performers, Selena Gomez, shared a Victoria's Secret selfie from backstage, reminding us why she's the perfect singer to join the models on the runway. The 2015 show won't air for a few more weeks, but until then, we can imagine what Gomez's performance was like.

Just Jared reports that Gomez sang "Hands to Myself" and "Me and My Girls" during the show. With a new album full of fresh tracks, Gomez had a ton of options from which to choose. However, these two tracks — while not yet released as singles — are the perfect choices for the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show.

"Hands to Myself" is a sultry song about really, really being into someone. "So come on, give me a taste / Of what it's like to be next to you / Won't let one drop go to waste / You're metaphorical gin and juice," Gomez croons in a whisper-like fashion. Let's not forget that two-time Victoria's Secret performer Taylor Swift endorsed "Hands to Myself" when Revival dropped. The entire song, especially when Gomez chants "Can't keep my hands to myself," is perfect for the provocative vibe of the show. It's mature, flirty, and fits the playful vibe of the event.

"Me and My Girls," on the other hand, has a more assertive, bombastic feel to it. Gomez still brings the sultry, although there's nothing subtle about this track. While the title alone makes it a great fit for the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show, the lyrics are also totally appropriate. "If we want it, we take it / If we need money, we make it," Gomez sings. "Nobody knows if we fake it / You like to watch while we shake it / I know we're making you thirsty / You want us all in the worst way / You don't understand / I don't need a man." It's so freaking confident and empowering to all of Gomez's female fans.

You can listen to "Hands to Myself" and "Me and My Girls" in the videos above and below, and tune into the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show to see Gomez in action.