Man Takes Selfie With Wife During Labor & Becomes Instant Internet Sensation

The bravest man in the world might just be the man taking a selfie with his wife during labor. Gil Solano's crime, one punishable by death, was the selfie he took of himself with his wife in the background while she was in labor. Luckily for Gil, his wife is not me, and was a good sport about it. He is still alive today, and quite happy to boot.

Gil and his wife Sarah were married in May 2014, and welcomed baby girl Eva into the world on Monday night. Sarah had become pregnant while the couple was living abroad in Spain, and they moved back to Denver in the US in anticipation of Eva's arrival, and to be closer to family.

Gil told BuzzFeed News he took the picture to let Sarah's brothers know how the labor was going, and that Eva emerged into the world only minutes later, which I think gives the selfie more gravitas. Sarah, apparently an angel sent to Gil from heaven, said of the selfie (which she didn't know was being taken), “I had been pushing for a few hours and Gil showed it to me to help take my mind off of things and make me laugh. I thought it was hilarious and told him he should send it to some of our friends.” Here's the picture:

Gil wound up posting the selfie on Reddit and it has since been viewed more than two million times. He told BuzzFeed News, “My favorite response was Sarah’s response to me reading her the comments of everyone saying, ‘She’s going to kill you.’ She thinks it’s hilarious that people would expect her to respond like that when she thinks the picture itself is so funny.” Here are some more pictures of Gil and Sarah being our #RelationshipGoals:

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Images: CBS; Courtesy of solano_europe_travelpics/Instagram