This YouTuber Has A Powerful Message For Trolls

As a YouTube star, you have hundreds of thousands of adoring fans who can’t wait for your next video — but scroll through the comment space, and there are bound to be some cutting remarks. In an inspiring video for Cosmopolitan, YouTuber Cassey Ho responds to online trolls and talks body positivity. She addresses screenshots of her online bullies’ most brutal comments and keeps her enviable cool and positive attitude.

Cassey Ho promotes self-improvement and is constantly challenging herself in her life and growing fitness empire, she stresses that these negative, ill-informed, and typo-filled comments will not help her grow in any way. Her advice is simple — block these meanies and delete the hurtful comments. The comments will always sting, and going through them is painful, but understanding that you ultimately have the power and can delete the negativity out of your life is so important. The cyberbullies are trying to hack into your self-confidence, and Cassey Ho reminds her fans that, “You are more than just your body. You are your skill, your talent, and your mind. If you focus on getting better and getting stronger every day, you're going to find that happiness.” So whether you are a pilates devotee or you are basically allergic to yoga mats, this video will leave you feeling confident and amped up to take on anything life throws at you. So get inspired with some of Cassey Ho’s excellent advice for dealing with Internet trolls:

Don't Sweat A Negative Comment

The negative comments are more reflective of the commenters than they are of you. Mean comments have no inherent value, so go on brush your shoulders off.

Maintain A Positive Outlook

You don't need to keep anything around that brings you down, so go on and delete those cruel comments! Surrounding yourself with positivity will make you feel more confident and ready to kick some major booty.

Realize That The Comments Do Not Define You

What other people think of your cute pic on Instagram or a video on YouTube, has nothing to do with your goals and your life. You are so much more than the sum of your parts!

To watch Cassey Ho respond to all the comments with pilates, panache, and positivity check it out here:

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Images: YouTube