"Dark Horse" Artwork Isn't That Dark

ˆLove her or hate her, you've gotta admit — the cover art that Katy Perry just revealed for her single, "Dark Horse," is kind of really cool.

Perry revealed the cover art, which was designed by New York-based illustrator Yao Xiao, on her Twitter this morning, along with the following caption: "ICYMI: the official ART for #DarkHorse by the talented @yaoxiaoart!"

The cover itself looks similar to Xiao's overall aesthetic, and features an illustration of Perry lifting a mask from her face as her hair blows back in the wind. Her pose and attire kind of remind me of those old portraits of Queen Elizabeth I, which would make sense, since Perry is kind of a queen in the pop world. Keeping with the "dark" theme, however — despite the colorful nature of the art — the entire picture is inside of a mysterious crystal ball, making the whole thing look a bit similar to circus sideshow attractions back in the '40s.

This isn't the only good news that Perry's "Dark Horse" track brought her this week, though: According to Directlyrics, the finally song reached the number one spot on iTunes USA, beating Pitbull's track, "Timber." Good job, Katycats.

Check out the cover art below.

Image: Getty