The Moschino Barbie Is Already Sold Out

I may have put down my Barbies years ago (although to be fair, I was more into setting up Dr. Quinn-style medical tents with my stuffed animals) but 2015 seems to be year the dolls are making a major comeback. We've already seen Hipster Barbie come and go on Instagram, and the hotly-anticipated Moschino x Barbie sold out in a staggering sixty minutes online earlier this week.

Jeremy Scott's reimagined Barbie, which was available on and over at, set buyers back $150. It may be considerably less than, say, a Looney Tunes-inspired dress that looks like a basketball jersey ($1275) or a backpack that is a teddy bear wearing a backpack ($1750), but it's almost ten times the cost of a standard Barbie, which starts at $15. Ironically, the "Be A Fashion Designer" Barbie set costs under $20 at Kohls. It seems like a pretty sound investment to me, since apparently once you become an actual fashion designer, you can start commanding some pretty hefty price tags.

The très dope designer Barbie may already be gone from the interwebs, but she's popping up everywhere from Kylie Jenner's walk-in closet to the offices of Love magazine:

Still need a fix? There's a small collection of human-sized Moschino x Barbie clothing available for purchase, based on the outfits that she's sporting, including the "The Most Moschino T-Shirt Ever" tee, mesh bike shorts, and a t-shirt with a photo of the Barbie on it — so meta.

And if you still need a Moschino fix but Barbie's not really your bag, there's plenty on offer from the luxury brand that still isn't cheap, but definitely comes at a wallet friendlier price tag.

1. Cleaning Product Phone Case

Cleaning Spray iPhone 6 Case, $95

You'd need a second phone just to be able to Instagram the chicness of using this phone case in everyday situations like phone calls from the car or checking Facebook in the supermarket checkout lane.

2. A Tattoo Print Purse From Love Moschino

Love Moschino Tattoo Print Bag, $225

Blame my recent Sons of Anarchy binge-watching sesh on Netflix this weekend, but this bag is to die for. It's not leather, hence the relatively conservative (for Moschino) price, but that also means it's animal friendly.

3. A Soda-Inspired Umbrella

Moschino Umbrella, $135

Just try not to leave this on the subway like you do with every other umbrella.

4. A Tattoo Key Chain

Love Moschino Tattoo Print Key Chain, $55

Super cute and super giftable at $55. Cheaper than a tattoo, and you'll probably get more use out of it.

5. A Moschino Gym Bag

Moschino Gym Bag, $95

I would probably be working out more if I had a chicer gym bag. Just saying.

6. Beanie From The Ready To Bear Collection

Moschino Wool Blend Hat, $85

I can see this being perfect with a t-shirt, ripped jeans, and an over-sized cardigan.

7. Adorable Teddy Bear Phone Case

Moschino Phone Case, $75

Definitely not a toy.

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Images: Moschino (8)