Check Out The "My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2" Trailer

I'm about to get a little vulnerable with you guys here, so be nice to me, okay? I really loved My Big Fat Greek Wedding, and I feel the exact same way about the newly-released trailer for My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2. All right? I said it. I'd love to be the kind of person who universally scorns sequels, like I thought I was, but it's just not turning out that way for me so far. I loved Nia Vardalos and John Corbett and Andrea Martin so much in the original that their golden aura extends all the way to the sequel, and I'm convinced I'm going to love it even if it's terrible. Not even Joey Fatone being in the cast could ruin my good time. (Just kidding I even love Joey Fatone in the original. I told you I'm in too deep.)

But, anyway, My Big Fat Greek Wedding came out all the way back in 2002, so I've been waiting over a decade for this moment without even realizing it. And I'll have to wait even a bit more, since My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2 doesn't come out in theaters until sometime in 2016. (Yes, I am going to see this movie in theaters, and you should too, because not every sequel is a bad idea.) So, until then, I'm going to soothe myself by rewatching this trailer and pointing out to myself all the moments that prove the sequel is worth the wait.

1. The Flashbacks To The Original

Mama like.

2. There's A Daughter Now

Love offspring.

3. Nia Vardalos Has Still Got It

Hasn't aged a day.

4. They're Still Happily Married

Thank you to the writers for not going the divorce route.

5. They Don't Skimp On The Awkward

Your family stumbling upon you having sex in your car? That'll do it!

6. Gang's All Here


7. A Lil Bit Of Slapstick

Hey, I have simple tastes.

8. A Plot Line That Doesn't Involve The Daughter Getting Married

That'd be the easy way out, so I'm glad they went a different direction.

9. But We Do Get Another Big Fat Greek Wedding

Because this hunk of love was never officially married.

10. This Line

"You. All our lives." Comedy gold.

11. The Beautiful Honesty

"Pull the necks on three!"

12. Tender Mother-Daughter Moments

I'm not welling up during a trailer, you're welling up during a trailer.

13. "We Come From A Long Line Of Strong Women"

You're damn right we do!

Whoops, I accidentally already got in line at my local theater, and I'll be waiting here patiently until this movie comes out. Sorry not sorry for loving love. Check out the trailer below.

Images: JoBloMovieTrailers/YouTube (14)