13 Tattoos For Couples That Aren't Hearts

Congratulations! You're madly in love! And you've decided that it's time to celebrate the excellence of your relationship with a unique couples tattoo. It's a road many ink enthusiasts and first timers travel, and when done right, it can be a superb way to commemorate how much you care for your significant other. However, amidst the vast sea of couples tattoos in existence, there are a pretty daunting number of heart-themed ones. If you're looking for something a bit more intriguing and a bit less contrived (or maybe you're just not that into having adorable, simple shapes inked onto your skin), you're gonna have to think outside of the box.

For instance, are you two graphic designers celebrating a meet cute that happened years ago in school? Maybe a color wheel tattoo is up your alley. How about voracious readers who first bonded over your shared love of Harry Potter? There are dozens of lovely, magical Harry Potter themed tattoo designs to consider.

So, keep in mind your personal style, the best size and location for both of you (although even in couples tattoos, those things don't have to match), and the aspects of your relationship that you hold dearest. It's there that you'll discover the perfect marriage of ink and intention. But if you're looking for a little inspiration while you plan, here's a list of non-heart shaped couples tattoos.

1. Sailing To You

A slightly modern twist on a fairly classic tattoo design, getting a set of sailor style portraits could be a lovely way to celebrate your relationship. Especially if you've served in the Navy together or have a nautical background. Or, perhaps you just admire the idea of staying true to one another despite great distances.

2. A Hitchhiker's Guide To Tattoos

If your relationship revolves around the answer to the ultimate question of life, the universe, and everything, or if you've walked down just about 42 roads together, then a Hitchhiker's Guide To The Galaxy themed couples tattoo might be your jam. Just don't be surprised when people question your mathematical faculties.

3. Tea Time

When these two single pieces are combined, they make for an incredibly adorable couples tattoo. Not only do they fit together intimately in terms of location, but the design is quaint and signifies a shared sense of enjoyment and relaxation.

4. Petite Nautical

For more nautical inspiration on a smaller, less detailed scale, these simple black ink designs are sweet and discreet.

5. Common Roots

The tree of life has become a pretty popular tattoo, and when it comes to symbolism, it's not difficult to see why. However, taking your couples ink to the next level when considering a rooted theme could mean a variation in design that still manages to combine similar elements, like stippling or geometric shapes.

6. Foxy

OK: You could argue that I'm trying to sneak a heart in here, but I promise, this is as close as I'll get. If you're both fans of all things foxy, from their brilliant orange color to their sly attitudes, then perhaps a couples tattoo similar to this set is in your nature.

7. Hugs And Kisses

The simple XO representation of hugs and kisses has become a staple when it comes to showing affection. And while it might not be the most original couples tattoo, it certainly is sincere and discreet.

8. Together Forever

Getting inked with matching infinity symbols is pretty similar to going the XO route, but that doesn't make it any less of a significant way of showing off your everlasting commitment to one another. And isn't that precisely the point?

9. Infinity And Beyond

Sold on the infinity symbol, but looking to go a bit more personal? This couple worked their initials into the lemniscate, giving it a subtle, classy twist.

10. Lyrics

Whether you choose the lyrics of your song, or something else equally significant, a couples tattoo featuring lyrics or a poem can be really lovely.

11. And Music

While the caption to this tweet is all sorts of cheeky, choosing a small musical symbol like a note, a treble clef, or a bass clef might be a nice way to express your shared love of rhythm and harmony. Or perhaps commemorate the way you first met eyes across a dance floor.

12. What's Your Favorite Film?

Maybe music isn't your thing, but you both happen to be film buffs, or have a favorite TV show. Tribute your favorites while tying in your love in a more subtle, interest-based way.

13. Geometric Sleeves

Even though this particular tattoo is on one person, imagine having a piece this intricate that matched what your significant other wore. And think about how your designs would sync up whenever you held hands if you planned them right. Kind of a neat concept, right?

Clearly, there are quite a few options out there. Just remember that a truly great couples tattoo will showcase either your feelings for one another or a shared interest you're both genuinely passionate about.

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Image: Laura D'Alessandro/Flicker