Cameron Diaz Talks the Beauty of Aging & 6 Other Inspiring Celeb Quotes About Getting Older

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Cameron Diaz is just as stunning now as she was 20 years ago, but according to her, she definitely doesn't want to look the way she did in her twenties. Her latest project, the self-help guide The Body Book, Cameron Diaz shares her thoughts on beauty, food, and offers advice on how to live happier and healthier in the New Year. The actress, 41, told People Magazine: "I like the way that I look now better than when I was 25. I can't help that other people may be uncomfortable with that, but that's not my responsibility to make them feel okay with the fact that I'm getting older. I'm okay with it. I like it."

She also called out the beauty industry for promoting the idea of anti-aging, stating: "There's no such thing as turning back the hands of time, and it makes me crazy that we live in a society where that's sold to women – that we're supposed to believe that if we're getting older, we've failed somehow, that we have failed by not staying young." Amen, sister.

But Cameron Diaz isn't the only actress with smart things to say about aging gracefully. Here are six other celebs who have smart things to say about getting older.

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