How To Get Glitter Lips For The Holidays

What goes around, comes around. That's especially true for beauty trends: Dark lipstick is in and out with the seasons, blush colors come and go, and formula preferences are always volleying back and forth. The latest lip trend is unexpected and will have you remembering the glittery days of middle school. Here's how to nail the glitter lips trend, just in time for the holidays.

Glitter was kicked out of the cool kids club sometime around 2008, by my estimation. But before then, in the late '90s and early '00s, glitter was the cool kids club. And I'm not talking about a little sparkle here and there. I'm talking about roll-on, full bodied, chunky, reflective glitter. Everywhere.

Lately, though, the glitter game has taken a backseat to matte and liquid-like glossy formulas. Not anymore. It's back with a vengeance in the latest makeup trend: Glitter lips. It sounds like the name of a raunchy night club, but hear me out. Glitter lips can actually look pretty and wearable, and plump up your pout in a substantive way. Are you in?

I unknowingly tried out the look for my Halloween costume this year, and everyone loved it. The comments and likes were blowing up my phone, all because I dabbed a little bit of shimmering, golden eyeshadow onto the center of my vampy purple lips. People went crazy, as if they hadn't seen the makeup trick before!

Here are three tutorials to watch to learn how to nail the glitter lip trend for the holidays. You'll be the sparkly belle of the ball at all the parties!

1. Subtle Pink Glitter Lips

While some makeup artists are going full-on with the glitter look by adhering rhinestones to their pout, a wearable look isn't quite that intense. The easiest way to achieve the look is to go for a monochromatic lip. Apply a glossy gloss onto you lips and then swatch a matching shade of shimmering shadow onto your finger. Then, dab the shadow onto your lips. At the very least, you can take a light or white shimmering shadow (or subtle glitter) and dab it in the middle of your pout to make your lips appear larger.

2. High Gloss & Glitter Lips

To go all out, I would do the same technique but with a non-matte lipstick, pigment, and a brightly-colored glitter. You can go for a monochromatic look or choose colors on the completely opposite end of the color wheel, like gold and red.

3. Gold Glitter Lips

If you're up for something super bold and festive, but want it to stay in place so you're not shedding glitter all over the place, consider following this tutorial. Vlogger Siobhán McDonnell uses a shiny and shimmery lip lacquer that will last you all night long.

Image: Siobhán McDonnell (LetzMakeup)/YouTube