Freck Yourself Promises Faux Freckles For Everyone

In elementary school, I very clearly remember friends of mine getting mercilessly teased for the freckles dotting their faces. Seems like they've come out on top now given the latest obsession with freckled faces. In fact, it's become a bona fide beauty trend. Company Freck Yourself gives faux freckles to those with woefully unspotted skin, and their Kickstarter campaign proves that some people may actually be interested in embracing the look. In fact, the whole thing does make quite a bit of sense. Models with "spots" are walking the cat walk every day, and I don't know if anyone can deny the cuteness of a good freckle. So, what's Freck Yourself all about — other than a fantastic company name?

According to the company's nearly brand new Kickstarter page, the issue with other false freckles is their inability to appear natural, and the brand is definitely not wrong. We've all seen Halloween costumes gone wrong where makeup that's supposed to be on the eyes is up around the forehead by the end of the night. Freck Yourself explains that they've been able to remedy this ill with a unique "stencil + formula method." According to the Kickstarter, the formula is similar to selfless tanner, which means no smudging when you touch your face throughout the day.

The product gives the user 48 hours worth of freckles that will begin to spread out and disappear over the course of time. In order to apply, the user places a stencil over their face — typically somewhere in the T-zone — and uses a handy roller to roll the formula over the stencil. It's not wonder the formula is so unique and realistic. The creator, Remi Brixton, adores freckles explaining, "There is nothing more beautiful to me than bare skin and fresh freckles. To me, they're the mark of rebellious dreamers, wild adventurists, and unapologetic natural beauty." With a passion like that it's not wonder the product seems so cool.

Currently, Freck Yourself has raised $724, and while that may not seem like much for its $215,000 goal, the fundraising page has only been up for about two days signaling that interest is definitely there. It's also clear that people are loving the product. The Kickstarted showcases people who have used and love Freck Yourself, and it's definitely peaked my interest.

If you're interested of longing for fresh freckles, you can check out Freck Yourself's Kickstarter page as well as their website for more info on manufacturing and distribution of this super trendy new product.