6 Cities Where You Can Feel The Bern

If you're a Bernie Sanders fan itching to watch the democratic socialist in action at Saturday's debate, don't do it alone! The second Democratic presidential debate falls on a weekend this time around, which means you can double task by partying and viewing the debate at the same time! Sanders supporters who live in New York, Los Angeles, Seattle, Chicago, Austin, and San Antonio, Texas can join their comrades at one of the hundreds of watch parties in major cities across the country. While some of these parties are smaller affairs in individuals' living rooms, others are hosted at bars, restaurants, convention halls, and college campuses. So bring your friends and your ID to watch the Democratic debate with fellow Sanders fans.

There's something for everyone in this list. Whether you're a political satire junkie, a wine snob, a lover of Mexican food, or an outdoor lover, you'll probably find a group of like-minded Sanders supporters. Babes for Bernie who don't reside in one of these major metropolitan areas, don't fear — Sanders' campaign site has a comprehensive list of gatherings all across the country. Search your zip code to find a watch party near you. Berners, unite!

New York



  • Crossroads Public House, 2630 N. Clark St.: Those in the Lincoln Park area should come to Crossroads for beer and progressive politicking. All the bar's TV screens will be turned to the debate.
  • Bridget McNeill's, 420 W. Belmont Ave.: This lakeside bar and restaurant is a great place to watch the debate with friends. There's even a fireplace to warm you up, in case you're not already feeling the bern.
  • In These Times (1st Floor), 2040 N. Milwaukee Ave.: Progressive Rep. Will Guzzardi will kick off this watch party with a short speech about his involvement in the Sanders campaign. Also, BYOB! Yay!

Los Angeles



  • The Kitchen by Delicatus, 309 1st Ave. S: This event features complimentary snacks and happy hour priced wine and beer. The debate will be streamed on a 15 x 15 HD screen.
  • University of Washington, Savery Hall Room 260: The UW community hosts this "Huskies for Bernie" event and will feature information on how to reach out to Iowa primary voters.
  • Cafe Racer, 5828 Roosevelt Way NE: The watch party at Cafe Racer promises "friends, food, and plenty of booze."

Austin & San Antonio, Texas

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