9 Signs You're The Best Gift Giver In Your Family

Gift giving is an art form in itself. If you're the perfect gift giver, you are a force of calm in the chaos that is Black Friday. You have direction, the way a runner is focused on the finish line during a 500-meter sprint. You understand the deeper level that is involved in gift giving, and your skills are discussed regularly amongst your family and friends. If you participate in an office secret santa, coworkers hope beyond hope that you'll draw their name. You're the personification of Miracle on 34th Street when it comes to giving gifts.

This season is very exciting for me in terms of gift-receiving. My birthday is in November, and then I celebrate every holiday I possibly can during the months that follow, including Thanksgiving, Hanukkah, Christmas, and Diwali. I get Hanukkah gifts — though typically not one for each night — and Christmas presents. And hell, I like to keep the momentum going for New Year's Eve, and get or give something “new” for the first day of the year. While I am probably not the greatest gift giver in the family (not by a long shot), I am certainly a great gift-getter, and I appreciate the core of the gifts, which allows me to ascertain the qualities in a great gift giver. Here are nine signs you're the best gift giver in your family:

1. You Don't Just Ask What People Want, You Anticipate What They Want

When one of your family members' birthdays rolls around, you recall a minute detail from a conversation you had eight months before that leads you to their perfect present.

2. You Know Better Than To Just Hit Up A Place At The Last Minute

When everyone is frantically running around trying to buy gifts, you're already at home wrapping presents. You work quickly, and in advance.

3. You Understand The Importance Of Providing A Range Of Small Gifts, And Larger Gifts

When there's a big holiday, or someone's birthday, you have a strategy. You want to reveal the gifts throughout the day, and each one should provide a different element of surprise. You also love everyone's birthdays as much, if not more, than you love your own.

4. You Go For Sentimental Value, And There's Always A Heartfelt Component To Your Gifts

Your gifts have layers. Like onions. Sweet, perfect onions.

5. You Figure Out What They Want Most And Trace It Back To The Perfect Gift

You don't just think of the material thing they need. You think of what their heart needs. You try desperately to find their perfect pick-me-up, or something they've been wanting for years, and have never asked for. And THAT's how you find their present.

6. You're The Type Of Person Who Hates Shopping For Themselves, But Loves Shopping For Others

You go to the mall looking for a pair of jeans for back-to-school season, and you come out with three things you just KNOW your best friend would love, and completely forget to even look for pants.

7. Your Spirit Animal Is Buddy The Elf

Regardless of what holiday you celebrate.

8. You LOVE When You're Best Friend's/Significant Other's/Sibling's Birthday Comes Along Because You've Known What You Were Giving Them For Six Months

And you legitimately can't wait to finally surprise the sh*t out of them and blow their mind.

9. You Pick Out Specific Wrapping Paper For Each Person You're Giving A Gift To

As a result, you have about 80 different types of wrapping paper in a closet you've specifically christened your "wrapping paper closet." (No, YOU have a problem.)

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