Jennifer Lawrence Glows On The Cover Of 'Vogue'

It's everyone's favorite time of year — Jennifer Lawrence season. Every time a new Hunger Games film comes out, Lawrence appears on red carpets and magazine covers, making us fall in love with her and her charming personality all over again. This year, to promote Mockingjay Part 2, Jennifer Lawrence covered Vogue's December 2015 issue rocking basically no makeup. The result? She looks absolutely stunning.

On the December 2015 Vogue cover, Lawrence glows wearing minimal makeup, letting her skin, which is sprinkled with freckles, steal the spotlight. Obviously Lawrence is wearing some makeup, which is evidenced by the slightly bronzy shadow that highlights her blue eyes, a hint of contouring and a slick swipe of gloss on her lips. It's interesting that Vogue chose to have a fresh-faced Lawrence on the December cover, when the holidays tend to be a time where people have fun with dramatic makeup, but regardless, she still looks amazing. In fact, Lawrence embodies my no makeup-makeup goals.

Lawrence isn't the only celebrity who has gone (almost) makeup-free on a magazine cover, and she probably won't be the last, as I feel like audiences are staring to become more and more interested in what celebrities actually look like, rather than seeing their faces completely distorted by makeup and retouching.

Here are a few other celebs who rocked the natural look on their magazine covers.

1. Rachel McAdams

Rachel McAdams looks absolutely radiant on her Allure cover from August 2014. It doesn't even look like she's wearing chapstick.

2. Kylie Jenner

Jenner is definitely wearing some makeup here, but compared to her normal lip-lined, fake lashed looks, this looks like minimal makeup for the starlet.

3. Adele

There was a lot of buzz surrounding Adele's seemingly makeup-free Rolling Stone cover in November 2015, but maybe that was because "Hello" is the best song ever (totally real scientific fact).

4. Kim Kardashian

I actually believe that Kim Kardashian is not wearing makeup here, but I also feel like it's pretty easy not to wear makeup when you have thousands of dollars invested in skincare regimens and fake lashes, but whatever. She looks good.

5. Jessica Simpson

Jessica Simpson left her face completely bare for the May 2010 issue of Marie Claire. They even deny retouching this photo.

6. Kerry Washington

I like that Allure has a tendency to put celebs on its cover with very little makeup, especially considering that it's a magazine about makeup. Kerry Washington looked natural and beautiful on the cover last November.

Images: Allure (3); Marie Claire; Vogue Espana; Teen Vogue