Are You A Morning Person? Take This Personality Quiz To Find Out

Try as I might to become a morning person, it can be a challenge to get out the door each day. Nevertheless, through some combination of adrenaline, strong coffee, and sheer will, I manage to leave for work in a state that is somewhat put together (aka, fully clothed and somewhat sentient).

I know there are things I can do to make mornings easier on myself, but no matter how much I prepare, my mornings will always be a little frantic and inefficient because my brain is running at half-speed. But that's just me, and you're you, so in the name of greater self-knowledge, we present a question: what kind of morning person are you?

If you're not quite sure, we've partnered with Dunkin' Donuts at Home to put together a quiz that will give you an answer in the time it takes to brew a cup of the good stuff. To make this a little more fun for you, we've given you an adorable animal companion to go with your personality. Whether you're an early bird, a hare, a turtle, or an owl, we're here to fully support your individual morning style.

Click here to take What's Your Morning Personality?

This post is sponsored by Dunkin' Donuts at Home.