How To Wear Cute Temporary Tattoos This Winter

by Alexa Tucker

Gold temporary tats were one of summer's hottest trends, but that doesn't mean you can't carry the concept over to the colder months of the year. Where there's a will, there's a way — you can totally pull off temporary tattoos in the winter, proves PopSugar, with the right sets and placement. Even though your shorts and sundresses have been already been stored and replaced by sweaters and jeans, fun temporary tattoos can live on in spite of the temperature.

Even though the metallic gold look does feel a bit summer-y in combination with beachy, boho designs, choosing a more on-season set can give the look a whole different vibe. Opt for small, whimsical pieces that you can place on what little visible skin you've got on display (chunky sweaters do have their drawbacks, sadly), rather than arm bands or large designs. Silver is a good call, but gold is a festive hue, too, so don't rule it out — just choose a more wintry set than the ones you'd see on the beach.

You could also go full-on holiday cheer with tattoos that don't leave much room for interpretation: Teeny little Christmas trees are an especially cute take on the season, and snowflake temporary tattoos are a great way to create your own winter wonderland vibe when the weather just isn't cooperating with your hot chocolate-drinking, holiday cookie-baking plans. (C'mon, snow, work with me this year.)

Here are six wintry sets to snag — temporary tattoo and Elf watch party, anyone?

Wintry White

Beauty Marks "The New Makeup," $12,

Stark white temporary tattoos are winter's answer to summer's gold version.

Holiday Wishes

Christmas Metallic Tattoo Pack, $5.99,

Joy, love, peace, and Starbucks Peppermint Mochas. (OK, it doesn't actually say that, but it fits the theme, no?)

Tiny Trees

Wintery Trees Tattoos, $5,

The best part? The assembly is way easier than an actual Christmas tree.


The Love and Madness Winter Moon Metallic Temporary Tattoos, $9.38,

This set doesn't have to be used during the holidays, making it the perfect gift.

Woodland Winter

Woodland Set Tattoos, $15,

Want to fake out your anti-tattoo family members this year? These incredibly realistic tats will do the trick.

Let It Snow

Temporary Snowflake Tattoos, $3.86,

Snowflake tattoos that don't look like they were applied in a third grade classroom.

Images: Courtesy of brands