20 Ways To Make Your Lunch More Satisfying

by Elizabeth Nolan Brown

A new study sheds more light on the health benefits of avocado. According to researchers, eating one-half of a fresh avocado with lunch can help you feel full longer after a meal (compared to a lunch without avocado, which also sounds considerably less delicious). The research — which, okay, was funded by Big Avocado (the Hass Avocado Board), but also published in a recent issue of Nutrition Journal — found participants who added half of a fresh avocado to their lunch reported significantly less desire to eat in a three-to-five hour period after the meal. They also felt about a quarter more satisfied with their lunches than usual. Avocados make you happier about your lunch!

While guacamole seems to be everyone's avocado gateway drug, avocado is a really versatile fruit. Also a nutritious one: one half cup of avocado has about 120 calories, 11 grams (mostly unsaturated) fat, 6 grams carbohydrates, 5 grams dietary fiber, 1.5 grams protein, no cholesterol, less than one gram of sugar, and small amounts of a large variety of nutrients, from calcium to vitamin C to iron. To celebrate this latest testimony to the perfection of avocados (well, almost perfection) here are 20 recipes to help you incorporate more avocado into your lunches.

  1. Wasabi avocado soup
  2. Kale salad with roasted sweet potato, avocado, and pomegranate seeds
  3. Avocado deviled eggs
  4. Avocado toast
  5. Turkey, lime, and avocado paleo pasta
  6. Beet, avocado, and arugula salad
  7. Avocado, grapefruit and edamame salad
  8. Quinoa avocado sushi
  9. Grilled avocado with horseradish
  10. Creamy avocado pasta sauce
  11. Avocado bruschetta crostini
  12. Mango and avocado chicken salad
  13. Avocado and strawberry spinach salad
  14. Asparagus and avocado wraps
  15. Avocado green curry noodles with toasted coconut and cashews
  16. Tuna, ginger, and avocado salad
  17. Avocado smoothie with lime and honey
  18. Pear and avocado smoothie
  19. Vegan avocado chocolate mousse
  20. Whole wheat avocado brownies

Image: Getty