23 "What Goes Around Comes Around" Music Video Moments You Forgot Happened

Is there anything more wonderful than Justin Timberlake during his reign as the prince of pop (Sorry, actual Prince) during the aughts? Spoiler alert: No. J.T. was killing it so much that he got A-list actress Scarlett Johansson to star alongside him in what can only be described as a short-film-disguised-as-a-music-video for his 2007 hit 2"What Goes Around Comes Around." (Seriously, the thing is nine minutes and 22 seconds long.) It's kind of like a low-key cinematic masterpiece, and, honestly, even though I think David Fincher would have done it more justice, I’m not mad about the way it turned out.

For instance, there's dialogue, a whole plot line — beginning, middle, and, end! — a love triangle scenario, and even a car chase scene. What more could you ever want? It’s like the music video to end all music videos. Written by Nick Cassavetes (as seen in the intro titles — told you this was basically a short film) and directed by Samuel Bayer, I’d venture as far to say that this might be the most narratively compelling music vid of the past decade. Or maybe ever. And if you don't believe that, let the following 23 super dramatic moments prove it.

1. When Johansson is Bored of Timberlake

He tells her "Look, I've never seen you before, you work at the club," and she retorts, "I'm really bored" in an effort to make him leave. Smooth, Johansson. I might use that one later in life. Also, if you're bored by Justin Timberlake, I like, don't know what to tell you, girl.

2. When Johansson Powders Her Face Like It's 1920

Slay, queen! But also what era is this supposed to be? Because no one else looks like they are from the early 1900s.

3. J.T.'s Fedora

An homage to Kevin Federline or nah?

4. Which Then Disappears

Continuity error?

5. Wait No It's Back! The Prodigal Fedora Returns

I missed it.

6. When Scar Jo Goes for A Curious Late Night Swim

Wait, no. This just got really dark, really fast.

7. Oh, She's Just Playin!

Tricky. (Also, rude.)

8. When This Kiss Happened

I retroactively ship it?

9. When J.T. Demonstrates What 'Goes Around, Comes Around' Means With Gestures


10. Fire Hula Hoops


11. When You Questioned Where J.T. Was Performing

Who is this audience? Was this a special, secret show? Why is everyone so blasé about this?

12. When This Guy Was NOT Happy

The third wheel is mad jealous.

13. Wait, Where Are We Now? J.T.'s Apartment? Also Why Is The Third Wheel Still There?

He's still salty.

14. When Scar Jo Makes Out With The Third Wheel

Do they really think we didn't see this coming?

15. When J.T. Gets Violent

All right, honestly, this was way too much.

16. Then Yells at Everyone


17. When Scar Jo Steals J.T.'s Car


18. When This Car Chase...

Gone in 60 seconds.

19. ...Is So Intense

Um, that came out of nowhere?

20. Wait, No, It's Scar Jo!

IDK if the crime (cheating) quite fits the punishment (death).

21. When You Question If This Is A Victory Dance?

That's messed up, man.

22. RIP Scarlett

I will miss you.

23. When You Realize the Lesson Of the Whole Video Is "Don't Cheat"

If you cheat, you die, and the apocalypse happens.

Grab some popcorn and re-experience the cinematic adventure/journey that is "What Goes Around Comes Around" below:

justintimberlakeVEVO on YouTube

Images: justintimberlakeVEVO/YouTube (24)