Women's Ski Jumping and a Brief History of Olympic Gender Discrimination

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Women will finally be able to compete in ski jumping in this year's Olympics! Hooray! And if you're sitting there thinking, "Wait women were still prohibited from competing in a whole Olympic event in the 21st century?" then this will knock your socks off: The original reason they were banned from competing was, drum roll please, it might damage their wombs.

And even more outrageously, Gian Franco Kasper, president of the International Ski Federation, doubled down on that rationale in 2005. That's two thousand and freaking five! Yes, in the twenty-first century guys seem to think that uteruses, which can take the abuse of baby kicks for months and months, are dainty and delicate while clearly testicles are tough and strong. Sounds about right.

Unfortunately, the Olympics has a long history of gender discrimination, going all the way back to Ancient Greece. Here are some highlights.

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