Elizabeth & James Dry Shampoos Are Hair Perfume

If you love having good-smelling hair and are totally enamored by Elizabeth & James' rich and romantic Nirvana fragrances, which come in black and white versions with varying notes, well, you can attain hair nirvana. Elizabeth & James Dry Shampoos take the ever-popular dry shampoo concept to the next level. I tried both the white option and the black option and they are essentially hair perfumes that allow you to freshen and fragrance your locks in between washes or during the day, when you just need a little something to stimulate your olfactory senses.

Elizabeth & James Nirvana Black Dry Shampoo, $28, Sephora

The mist is light in formula. It doesn't leave any greasy residue, which is the case with some dry shampoos. These dry shampoos do indeed add some texture.

But they are heavily scented and that is the most noticeable quality. You will find yourself burying your nose in your follicles or pulling a few strands to your nose and taking a deep whiff so you can inhale (and enjoy) the intoxicating scent hours after you've applied it.

The aroma is so concentrated that you can actually skip your usual or daily perfume in favor of these hair mists.

The scent stays all day and does the same job as whatever "Eau De" you prefer.

The cans are sleek and chic.

Just like the E&J brand and its wares!

This was me like 10 times during the day. I don't recommend wearing any other perfumes when using these dry shampoos, save for maybe a spritz of the actual Nirvana perfumes on your pulse points or using a light coating of the brand's body oils out of the shower.

Nirvana White is a floral musk, with notes of peony and muguet, the latter of which is also a floral.

Nirvana Black is a woody floral, with notes of violet, sandalwood, and vanilla.

The best thing about dry shampoos, IMO, is the fact that they make your head smell fresh and clean. The texture is secondary to me.

The E&J Nirvana shampoos will make your hair feel revitalized, thanks to the fact that they basically scantily your strands.

Just be careful so you do don't overdo it! I sometimes take serious liberties with drugstore shampoos, since I love the smell and want it to last. But a little goes a long way here. Mist your hair and then use your fingers to rake the product through. You'll end up with good-smelling hands, too.

Images: Courtesy Brands (2); Amy Sciarretto (5)