'Glee's 100th Episode Will Drop a Plot Bombshell

Well, now we know that inviting all of our original favorite characters to come back for Glee 's 100th episode is supposed to be one, gigantic distraction — because Ryan Murphy is planning to drop an epic bombshell that will mark the end of Glee as we know it. The episode, titled "100", will air in two parts on Mar. 18 and 25 and it'll be the first time in a long time we've seen some familiar faces that include Dianna Agron and the recently announced Gwyneth Paltrow, who will reprise her role as substitute teacher Holly Holiday. It also might be the last time we see some of the show's newer faces because, just like Murphy promised, the show is restructuring and there may not be room for everyone in the choir room.

According to The Hollywood Reporter's exclusive, Glee's 100th episode will be centered on Jane Lynch's Sue Sylvester as she finally, after years of painstaking effort, succeeds in disbanding the New Directions. But don't worry, Matthew Morrison's Will Schuester isn't going anywhere — there are no plans for the actor to exit the series. This episode will be the beginning of the end, though, for Murphy's Glee. After Sue shuts down the New Directions, some the series' original stars — Heather Morris, Harry Shum Jr., Kristen Chenoweth, Mark Salling, and Amber P. Reilly — will say their final good byes to the choir room and Mr. Schue and each other. THR also reported that the episode will be "very moving" — if how Glee's done emotional in the past, we'll get our out tissues now.

Following the emotional episode, Glee plans to move to New York for "several consecutive episodes" that will focus on what's happening with Kurt, Rachel, and Santana. It's also confirmed that Blaine, Sam, Mercedes and potentially other co-stars will join the New York crew for the remainder of season five. So there's some huge changes ahead for the FOX musical.

The big news here, in case you didn't realize — NO MORE NEW DIRECTIONS. Sources told THR that Ryan Murphy and fellow producers are still trying to figure out how to structure the show's current season but there may be no place for the current New Directions and McKinley High students. All we want to know is if Artie will move to New York — he's the one current New Direction we're not willing to give up.

But really, what the hell? All of this fanfare about the show's 100th episode — having the fans vote on which songs the cast will perform and inviting back old series regulars — was it always just a distraction so Murphy could pull the rug out from under our feet? It sure sounds a lot like these two episodes are going to be the last hurrah for the "Old Glee" — you know, the one that was about the New Directions and life at McKinley — and the start of a "New Glee" that will focus on arguably our favorite characters, but this just seems kind of abrupt.

"100" is going to be a celebration of the Glee that was — the one before the untimely, tragic passing of Cory Monteith — and then we're just going to have to accept that that's over and we have to move on. And this drastic restructuring might be Murphy's way of moving on as well from the heartache in the walls of the choir room and that original ending he had planned. It's obviously the best thing for the show — the new glee club members were kind of lacking anyway — but we can't help but feel kind of sad and confused about all of this.

Because what is Glee without McKinley and teen angst? Season 6 is going to be very interesting.

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