Is This The Release Date For 'Views From The 6'?

Oh, I'm sorry. Did you think that Friday was all about Justin Bieber and One Direction as far as the musical world is concerned? Well, you can think again, because, while those two pop giants were going at it, Drake showed up two hours later with Starbucks and a potential release date for Views From The 6. Bustle reached out to Drake's representatives, who said that they can't confirm a release date for the project at this time. However, a video that's making its rounds on Twitter not only goes along with several other Views From The 6 clues that have dropped recently indicating the album is nigh, but also outright declares that we'll have our hands on Views From The 6 on January 6, 2016. You know, 1/6/16? Praise hands.

The video came from a Twitter account for The Daily Rap, and was accompanied by the caption, "It's lit." The corresponding video featured images from a billboard that Canadian citizens might recognize as hanging alongside the highway in Toronto since earlier this week. It features two hands clasped in prayer — see the album cover for If You're Reading This It's Too Late — along with the words, "The 6 is watching." The video ends with, "Hope you're prepared to face him," and then announces that the important date for this special meeting is in January 2016. That is more information than Drake has given us in like a year.

However, this video isn't the only clue that Views From The 6 is heading our way sooner than we thought. Here are some other hints to mull over while we wait until such a time as Drake makes an official announcement.

Clue #1 — The Billboards

These billboards in Toronto may have flown under the radar for American fans, but there's got to be a reason Drake suddenly threw these up. They've got to mean that, not only is big news coming, but that that news might be preceded by an album that we all need to hear. That we've all needed to hear for a while now. That could be only two months away from being heard by all of us.

Clue #2 — The Alleged Track list

Another huge clue is that, on Friday, an alleged track list of all the songs off Views From The 6 started floating around the Internet along with the video. While Drake's people can't confirm that this track list is legitimate, it is, once again, more information than we've gotten about this album in some time. Even a fake track list is better than no track list.

Clue #3 — Drake's Instagram

Drake has changed his Instagram profile text to simply say, "Views." Need I say more?

Maybe this all means something. Maybe it means nothing at all. But I choose to believe that The 6 is watching, he has heard our constant pleas to listen to the album, and he is finally, finally ready to answer our cries. Please, please let January 6, 2016 be the day that our wait is over.

Image: champagnepapi/Instagram