New Program Knows What You're Feeling From One Pic

Microsoft's new technology that can guess your emotions with one picture might just change the game for how you look at your Instagram #TBTs. Microsoft has pioneered various programs that have lessened the gap between humans and computers. With ongoing programs like The Adam Project, Microsoft has spent a lot of time and funding on improving their visual recognition systems. With Microsoft's Project Oxford — creators of Emotion APIs, the system that recognizes emotions as presented in pictures — they continue to work on and share such innovations with developers to further their reach and strength.

The motivation behind projects that strengthen artificial intelligence is not to help the functionality of humans, it's quite the opposite. Artificial intelligence is technology created to transcend humanity ... but not exactly in the way our favorite futuristic thrillers might make us think. Artificial intelligence helps the human experience and its extent of capabilities. Programs like Emotion APIs will really only help us in the long run. They're created to inspire developers to use them in their innovations, which will one day be available to us, and one day better serve us because they have emotional recognition software. (That, and it is hella fun to play with.)

Is your mind exploding yet? Microsoft has released a beta version of the program that you can download if you have a Windows operating system. It might be little while before we can download whatever apps will be born from this new technology, perhaps something that might have helped Bieber understand "What Do You Mean"? Until then, play around with the software, upload some of your old party photos and find out if everyone was really as happy as they looked. When the program lets you know that in fact they were a mix of sad, angry and confused, you can safely overcome any pressure to go out, wrap yourself up in a blanket, and Netflix and chill.

Image: Pixabay