Your Smartphone Can Print Nail Art With The Nailbot — PHOTOS

In a world where life is dictated by emojis and Instagram filters, phones mean everything. Time is constituted through number of likes and communication is confined to 140 characters — phones truly have it all, from doubling as social media hubs to cameras on-the-go. But now, thanks to the Nailbot, smartphones can also instantly print nail art. Beauty and technology have once again struck gold as a duo.

Meet the Nailbot: a device that utilizes smartphones to custom decorate nails. That's right — whether you're team iPhone or pro-Samsung, your trusty mobile can now craft manicures with a simple tap of the screen. The Nailbot is the brainchild of Preemadonna, a startup company that aims to provide girls and women with technology to inspire creative expression. The mission of Preemadonna is all about being dynamic — designers, engineers, hackers, storytellers are all integral parts of the story.

“We are excited to bring a novel robotic application to a female consumer segment that is mobile, social and wants technology to solve a real problem,” Preemadonna CEO and co-founder Pree Walia says in a press release. “We are building a mobile platform for creativity to meet the needs of pre-teen and teen girls."

In an effort to the promote the Nailbot, Preemadonna is currently running an ambassador campaign and will expand into larger partnerships in the future. At the moment, you can nab your own Nailbot at the company's IndieGogo page — prices start at $149 and include perks that range from DIY programming tutorials to lunch with the Preemadonna team.

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The Nailbot is redefining the relationship between girl power and innovation, one manicure at a time. Curious to know how this cutting-edge device exactly works? Read on — and get those smartphones charging.

1. Place

The first step is easy enough — simply place your phone into the cradle. Right now, the Nailbot is compatible with iPhone 5/5S/6/6S and Samsung S5/S4, and with more models to come soon!

2. Prep

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Prime your nails with the provided white polish and pre-print polish.

3. Select

Let the fun begin and get those creative juices flowing. Choose from a colorful menu of nail designs — butterflies, diamonds, flags, you name it, it's there. Soon, the Nailbot will offer the option to upload your own designs, so your dreams of food emoji nails may soon become a reality.

4. Photograph


Place your finger into the designated finger cradle, then snap a shot of your nail using your smartphone's back camera.

5. Print

This is where magic ensues — hit the Print button and watch your nail art unfold before your eyes. And the best part? The overall process will take about five seconds. It's convenient with no clean-up. Just don't forget to seal everything off with a top coat because chipped nails = the bane of every girl's existence.

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