KFC Is Now Delivering In The United States

You very well may never need to leave your house again. As of Thursday, November 12, KFC will begin delivering its buckets of greasy goodness to a destination of your choice in Los Angeles and San Francisco. Kentucky Fried Chicken is joining the ever-growing line of companies who are getting into the delivery game. DoorDash, an internet-based delivery company, is partnering with KFC just as they have partnered with companies like McDonald's and Subway to create the delivery experience.

It's a bit surprising to see KFC attempting to expand its market in a place like San Francisco, which in my mind doesn't exactly scream "bucket of bird" territory. But the current cities are merely test locations for the delivery option. The company hopes to expand delivery to Houston by the end of this year, with more cities to follow in the coming months.

Delivery is consistently proving to be a method for companies to grow themselves. Greg Creed, the CEO of KFC parent company Yum Brands Inc., noted that delivery businesses have the capacity to grow "at a faster rate" than the main business itself. It's a door that long-standing businesses can use to explore a new facet of the company.

Though it's surprising and novel to think of someone escorting KFC to your house for you, this option isn't a new concept in a handful of countries. ABC News reports that KFC is already deliverable in China, Egypt, and Malaysia.

An important thing to note when following your KFC bliss, though, is the delivery fee. You may only be shelling out a few bucks for some chicken and biscuits, you could be paying upwards of $6.99 to get that food from KFC to your couch. Companies like DoorDash have the capacity to charge these higher prices because they cut out the delivery middleman for restaurants. Rather than a restaurant having their own delivery fleet, DoorDash provides the delivery and the deliverers.

In any case, it'll only be a matter of time until "KFC & Chill" Instagrams start popping up on your dash, so prepare yourself for the FOMO now.

Images: KFC/Instagram