Mae Whitman & Her Mom Have "The Talk"

And now I know where Mae Whitman gets her beauty, charm, talent, and all-around amazingness — from her mom, Pat Musick. In a video, directed by Whitman, for Refinery29 and Planned Parenthood's Her Short series, Mae Whitman and her mom talk about sex. As awkward and as uncomfortable as that may sound, that's exactly why they're doing it. They want to show others, especially young boys and girls, how crucial it is to talk openly about sex with an adult, whether or not it's a parent.

It's important for the next generation of kids to be educated about sex and an open line of communication is key. This way, they can practice sex the safe and healthy way. Take Whitman, who called her mom right after losing her virginity. The Parenthood actress felt like she could talk to her mom without judgment and she hopes others can follow in their footsteps.

"Being a teenager and talking to your parents about sex can be extremely helpful and beneficial and sort of amusing and silly and fun," Whitman says in the video. That's exactly what this mother-daughter duo showcase. But, more importantly, they also show how wonderful and necessary it is to discuss sex with someone older, wiser, and more experienced. When it came to Whitman and her mom having "the talk," there were many instances where Musick had to explain the elements of sex, including the definition of a hard-on. Yeah, that's awkward, but as Musick tells her daughter, "It's so important to keep those lines of communication open and it's hard to do."

And, as iterated in the video, if you don't have parents who you can talk to, Planned Parenthood is always an option, because that's what the organization is there for. It's a place to make you feel comfortable, inform you, and keep you sexually healthy.

Whitman and her mom talk about even more in the video, so be sure to check it out, especially if you want to learn what a "Mouse Mattress" is.

Image: Refinery29