Reese Witherspoon Is A Southern Style Expert

Before you start experimenting with cowboy boots and flannel, you'll want to read up on Reese Witherspoon's dos and don'ts of Southern style, which she shared with Vanity Fair to celebrate the opening of her very first Draper James boutique. We could all learn a thing or two from the star, who has impeccable style. So get your notebooks ready, because this girl is about to give you the ultimate Southern style lesson.

From adorable totes to perfectly printed dresses, Witherspoon's Draper James collection is the epitome of Southern style. In just a year, she managed to launch an online site, win a Glamour Women of the Year Award, and open her first boutique. The Tennessee-born actress-turned-designer has had a big year to say the least, and how does she celebrate? With a little style lesson for the rest of us, of course!

In a video for Vanity Fair, Witherspoon gives her opinion on traditional Southern styles, while driving around in a Rolls-Royce limo with Dereck Blasberg, and she's not holding back. Put away those hoop skirts, because Witherspoon has advice for giving a fashionable twist to classic country staples. Here's what the actress has to say about stereotypically "Southern" style.

1. Cowboy Boots

"Down here in the South, a cowboy boot goes with a dress, it goes with jeans, it goes with shorts, it goes with everything." Preach!

2. Cowboy Hat

"A nice straw hat at Bonnaroo is always a good thing." Agreed.

3. Hoop Skirts


4. Big Hair With Lots Of Hairspray

"Big hair, don't care."

5. American Flag Everything

"Well, we have to be respectful of the American flag... but I wouldn't mind it needlepointed on a pillow."

6. Square Dancing

"Square dancing... yes."

7. Weird Western Shirts

*Head shake* equals a hard no.

So there you have it! Witherspoon is nixing a few country traditions, but she's bringing in plenty of new staples with her Draper James line.

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