The NiceBot Twitter Is Here To Make You Smile

For all its significance, the Internet can be a pretty volatile place. Social media in particular can get particularly nasty and aggressive and cause very real damage. In an attempt to fight this breed of negativity, the Champions Against Bullying foundation teamed up with ad agency Deutsch to create the @Nicebot on Twitter, who is poised to become a new social media force for good.

The "bot," an automated computer program, sends out an inspiring tweet every 36 seconds. The tweets are not personalized, but combine pre-written text with a database of Twitter usernames in order to launch positivity into the universe. Samplings of the NiceBot's good works include, "You are fantastic," "Be yourself, because there is no better way to be," and "Everyone loves your smile." Shucks! Though may be inclined to consider The NiceBot a form of spam, I think one should be happy to spammed with good vibes as opposed to requests for wire transfers to non-existent island countries.

The creators of the bot have stated that their goal is to reach every Twitter user with something nice to say. AdWeek reports that spreading the love to all 300 million Twitter users would take 342 years. Take as long as you'd like dear NiceBot! I'll wait for you.

1. Sorting Hat Bot, @SortingBot

Sure you've read the books, taken the Pottermore quiz, and possibly even formed your own Quidditch team — but how can you really be sure of your Hogwarts house until you've been sorted by the Sorting Hat Bot?

Simply follow, and within moments you will receive a goofy couplet revealing your house fate. I did, and was quickly informed of my placement in Hufflepuff.

(No offense to Hufflepuffs or anything... but I don't think he's always right.)

2. The Personal Assistant Bot, @DearAssistant

This Twitter aims to answer any question that might pop into your head. Yeah, I know we have Siri and Cortana these days, but there's something especially fun about receiving a tweet when you just wanted to know if it was raining in Palm Springs.

3. Kanye Jordan Bot, @KanyeJordan

This Twitter bot was created when someone had the incredible realization that, simply by adding "Liz Lemon" to the front of any Kanye West tweet, it instantly becomes something Tracy Jordan from 30 Rock would totally say.

4. Enjoy The Film Bot, @EnjoyTheFilm

(Shield your eyes if you haven't seen/read Gone Girl!) Enjoy The Film is the ultimate spoiler-dishing troll. When someone tweets about seeing a movie or TV show, the bot hops in and ruins the whole thing. It sounds pretty ridiculous in theory, but read some of the hilarious, aggravated tweets people have come back with and you'll be a dedicated follower.

Images: Pexels