The One Thing You Need For Shopping Black Friday To Lead You To Success — PHOTOS

Depending on how intense of a shopper you are, you may or may not be gearing up for the biggest shopping holiday of the year. If you're planning to brave the madness that is sure to ensue on November 27, make sure to follow the one thing you need for shopping Black Friday. Oh, and don't forget the second thing you need is lots of coffee!

While my family was never the camp-out-the-night-before kind, we definitely used to hit Black Friday hard. There's this mall in Dallas, TX called Northpark, and I remember my mom and I used to go HAM on the shoe racks trying to find our sizes before some other crazy shoppers did. Though I don't go as shoe crazy as before now that I'm on my own budget, I definitely still enjoy the bargains and usually scan the Internet to find the best ones first.

But for those of you that live for the intense exhilaration of getting out there in person and making Black Friday count, the one hack you need is definitely a small cross-body purse to hold your phone and wallet. As much as I love giant boho bags, the last thing you want to do is be hauling one through a crowd.

I've rounded up my favorite functional and cute micro purse picks so you can speed through stores. Good luck!

1. Fringe Crossbody

Fringe Crossbody, $17.49, Minicci

Who says practical can't be fashionable?

2. Mini Crossbody Handbag

Mini Crossbody, $19.99, Target

This sleek little budget-friendly bag is a perfect choice to weave through those crazy crowds.

3. Explorer Mini Bag

Explorer Mini Bag, $85, Fossil

With room for an iPhone 6 and wallet, this is the perfect choice for ladies with larger phones.

4. Mini Transporter Bag

Mini Transporter Bag, $148, Madewell

A little bigger, this is a great option if you know you're gonna be the one carrying everyone else's phones and wallets, too.

5. Leather Convertible Mini

Mini Convertible Cross-Body, $32.50, Kohl's

This is sure to be a sleek little burst of sunshine amidst of sea black bags.

6. Battery-Charging Clutch Pouch

Battery Charging Clutch Pouch, $29.99, Target

That's right, shop like cray and keep your phone charged. #Winning

7. Tri-Zip Clutch

Tri-Zip, $12.99, Target

Everything will be nice and secure in this creamsicle colored dream.

Images: Courtesy of Brands; Kaboompics/Pixabay