Is He Too Excited About 'Girl Meets World?'

Ben Savage is really, really excited about Girl Meets World. Like, really excited. The Boy Meets World spin-off was announced a little over a year ago and at that point Savage began tweeting and Instagramming as many Girl Meets World related tidbits as he could. He still hasn't stopped. Earlier today Ben Savage posted a new photo of the Girl Meets World cast to his Instagram and the Internet's excitement for the show has been ignited anew.

I know why the people of the interwebz are in a frenzy, because they love nostalgia. I love nostalgia too. I probably won't watch Girl Meets World because it's a Disney Channel show aimed at 9-year-olds, but I can see the appeal it brings to former BMW fans. But then there's Ben Savage. Ben Savage might be a little too into this. The majority of his social media presence is about Girl Meets World and the remainder is retweets of things people send him about Boy Meets World. Man, meet world. There's other stuff going on, buddy.

I can't say his everlasting love of GMW is a bad thing though. The tweets and Instagram pics have provided some entertaining moments. Here's the best things that have come out of Savage's GMW obsession.

1. The newest photo of the Girl Meets World Cast.

Cory! Topanga! Topanga's head chain that was probably not worn during filming! Kids!

2. The Undahpants!

Someone tweeted Cory... I mean, Ben a link to a site that sells underpants that say "undahpants" all over them spelled just the way Ben... I mean, Cory used to pronounce it.

3. The time he re-tweeted all the people who got box sets of Boy Meets World for Christmas.

People wanted to let Cory Matthews know directly that they got BMW DVDs as presents. There were a lot of them.

4. The way he's so stoked on being the new Mr. Feeny.

He posts a lot of pics of "his classroom."

5. The slightly awkward way he revealed the spin-off.

Do you want to be a father in real life, Ben? Is there something you need to talk to us about? We're here for you.

Images: Getty; Ben Savage/Instagram